The NY State Senate Disgrace

The New York State Senate, which had been controlled by the Republicans for a very long time, swung over to the Democrats in 2008 by a two vote margin, but now two so called Democrats, both with questionable backgrounds and public records, have switched loyalties to the Republicans without actually changing parties, and more recently, one of the two swung back to the Democrats, making for a tie, and creating chaos as to who is in charge.

The governor, David Paterson, saddled with a very low public opinion rating, has not intervened, but meanwhile there has been total paralysis in the state capital of Albany, making New York’s government a mockery and an embarrassment.  With former governor Eliot Spitzer forced out by a sex scandal; and the new Governor David Paterson becoming a total disaster, and now the joke going on in the state legislature, New York is becoming a candidate to compete with Florida and the 2000 Presidential election,  and California with the recall election of 2003 that led to the governorship of Arnold Schwarzenegger,  as the state with the most preposterous political situation.

Conservatives always extol the virtues of state and local government, but history and recent and current events make one wonder if they are on some kind of medication!  LOL    Not just these three big state governments, but also many other state governments over the years,  have become a joke as far as efficiency and competence and ability to get things done.  I say NATIONAL government, despite its regular shortcomings, historically has been more effective and accomplished than most state governments most of the time.

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