The Moderate Republicans Speak Up: It Is Our Party Too!

Today, two leading moderate Republicans spoke up in defense of promoting inclusion and a broad base for the future of the Republican party.

Colin Powell said he was not going to allow Dick Cheney or Rush Limbaugh or anyone else to read him out of the GOP.  He said that the party is self destructing as it stands now, losing the coastlines, much of the Midwest, both genders,  the suburbs,  the different racial groups, and generally those with an open mind, and that this was counterproductive, and he was willing to fight to promote his view of the future of the party.

Tom Ridge, former Governor of Pennsylvania and Homeland Security Secretary,  also was aggressive in promoting a party that is open to different views and does not expect absolute slavish loyalty to every view held by the conservatives who control the party apparatus at this time.   He was not afraid to challenge Cheney and Limbaugh and the other talk radio spokesmen.

To have a former heroic General and Secretary of State and a Homeland Security Secretary speak so openly and defiantly of the conservative capture of the party apparatus is a sign that possibly the GOP will finally start to really reconsider its future,  which is so gloomy at this point.  The health of our political system requires a strong opposition party, and there was even a hint that just possibly Ridge himself might consider a Presidential run in 2012, with his socially progressive views on  issues such as gay rights and abortion.   The moderates are not giving up, and this is good news!

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