The Democratic Dominance: Long Term?

James Carville,  the Clinton campaign adviser and political commentator, has just written a new book that asserts the likelihood of a Democratic dominance in political office for the next FORTY years!

That is an astounding prediction, and must be accepted with skepticism,  particularly since just a few years ago,  after George W. Bush won his second term,  the projections were that the Republicans would become the dominant party for the next half century!

Suddenly, the failing Iraq war,  Hurricane Katrina, and the economic collapse destroyed the GOP majority and put the party in danger of being marginalized,  as many now see it.  So we must be cautious in making such predictions.

However, it must be pointed out that new polls indicate that every age group now has a Democratic majority,  and with the fact that people 18-29 have become heavily Democratic,  it may mean that indeed the Democrats will have an edge electorally for a long time, as they had as a result of the Great Depression and the victory of Franklin D. Roosevelt from 1932 to 1994 in Congress and to 1968 in the Presidency.

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