Projections for 2030 Population: What States Would Gain and Lose Congressional Representation in the Future?

Studies of the projected population growth in the next two decades has led to the following conclusions.

Ten states would gain seats in the House and therefore have more electoral votes for President, while nineteen would lose such seats and power in Presidential elections.  Florida, Texas and Arizona would gain dramatically,  with the acquisition of nine, eight and five seats each.  California, after losing a seat in 2010, would gain three new seats by 2030, and North Carolina and Nevada would have two more seats each.  Georgia, Virginia, Oregon and Washington State would each gain one seat.

At the same time, six states would lose multiple seats:  New York six, Pennsylvania four, Ohio four, Illinois three, and Massachusetts and Michigan two each.  So therefore 21 seats would be lost by these six large states.  Additionally, the following states would lose one seat each:  Alabama, Connecticut, Iowa, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, New Jersey, Rhode Island, West Virginia and Wisconsin.

This is a very interesting and fascinating look at what MIGHT happen politically in the next generation!

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