Obama to Make Speech to Muslim World from Egypt

President Obama promised during his campaign last year that he would make a major speech to the Muslim world from a Muslim nation early in his administration. 

That promise will be fulfilled soon in Egypt, which is probably the best choice, as it is a major power in the Middle East and a friend of the United States. 

Obama’s intention is to open up a dialogue with the Muslim world in order to lower the tension and stress between the Western world and the religion of Islam.  This  is a very important move by Obama early in his term, hopefully leading to a better relationship and less likelihood of support for terrorism in Muslim nations.

It must be understood that there has been much manipulation of the issue of Islamic terrorism, which certainly exists and is a real threat, but is not generally accepted by a majority of Muslims in the Middle East or Asia or Africa.    Osama Bin Laden does not represent the entire Muslim world, and it is important that we make overtures of friendship and willingness to have dialogue with the majority of Muslims who are moderates.

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