Mitt Romney Obviously A Presidential Candidate in 2012!

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney,  who fell short in the 2008 GOP Presidential nomination battle, has unofficially declared for President in 2012 by his decision to sell his homes in Utah and Massachusetts and move full time to New Hampshire, where he will live permanently.

New Hampshire, being the first primary in 2012, will now have as a full time resident a former neighboring governor who will have the ability to campaign nonstop in order to hold off all competitors who might dare to challenge him in the state which has had a greater effect on presidential nominations than any other, despite its small population and lack of representative mix of different classifications of voters.

It almost sounds as if Romney is saying to all opponents:  Don’t waste your time!  I have the money and the campaign organization needed to get a big edge in New Hampshire,  so forget about running and concede the nomination to me!

That scenario is unlikely for sure.  But at the same time, if I had to make a projection  ahead three years,  I would say that Romney DOES seemingly have the lead right now with maybe newcomer and moderate Governor Jon Huntsman, a fellow Mormon, as the major competitor for Romney in 2012.

Amazing that the presidential campaigns begin earlier and earlier and earlier . .. . . 🙂

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