Press Secretary Robert Gibbs and the “Report Card”

Obama’s  Press Secretary Robert Gibbs has declared that press coverage of the first Hundred Days merits a grade of "A", while he believes that his President’s performance so far deserves a grade of "B+"  because there is always room for improvement.

It seems obvious that Obama and the majority of the nation’s press, particularly the major newspapers, the major networks,  and two of the three cable channels have been involved in a "torrid"  love affair.  Of course, talk radio and Fox News Channel and a few major conservative oriented daily newspapers have been dissenters. 

The question is how the majority of the nation’s media will react when things get tougher and the sense is that there are major shortcomings in results and reaction to crisis, something that seems realistic to expect over time.  And one wonders whether Gibbs will ever lower his own estimate of his boss’s job performance over time.  Somehow,  I doubt that he will be willing to admit any less positive conclusion.  :)  LOL

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