Obama’s Refreshing Look at Foreign Policy and the World

President Obama has changed the whole attitude within and outside American borders as to the role of foreign policy, and in a very revolutionary way.

Recognizing the horrible image America has had, particularly in the past eight years,and determined to open up new possibilities for our relations with the outside world, Obama has written to Iran’s President Ahmadinejad of the need for a new start in relations, allowed an opening of travel and money transfers to Cuban Americans who want to return to their homeland for a visit, shook the hand of and accepted a book from Venezuelan President Chavez, accepted partial responsiblity for the drug wars in Mexico being due to insatiable desire for drugs in the United States, admitted that the US has made mistakes in its dealings with Latin America over the past century, accepted the idea that we can learn from other countries in many areas, made clear that we must learn to respect and honor other nations’ ideas and culture,  tried to promote a new attitude in dealing with the Russian leadership, and accepted the concept that the worldwide recession is partially due to lack of proper regulatory mechanisms in the United States.

Anyone who has studied the foreign policy of the United States since World War II, the beginning of American supremacy, has to admit, if he or she is being honest, that America has often gone down the wrong path.  This has caused us to create what President Eisenhower called in his Farewell Address in 1961 the "military-industrial complex".  Obama seems determined to give us a refreshing change in our dealings with the world, and that should be applauded and backed in every possible way by the American people!

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