Obama and Biden, and Labor and the Middle Class

Barack Obama has set into motion a series of actions that will revive the American labor movement, which has been in dire straits since the election of Ronald Reagan in 1980.

This is great news, and Obama has commissioned Vice President Joe Biden to promote the interests of the middle class, which has been in decline since its peak economically in 1973.  No one better than the Vice President could be selected, as Biden was well known as the "poorest" Senator with the fewest assets of any senator and emerging from a working class family that struggled to succeed. 

We are fortunate that our President and Vice President come from "common man" backgrounds.  We have had enough of politicians who do not understand the problems of labor and the middle class and only have cared about the bottom line for the wealthy.  Obama is emerging as in the tradition of FDR and LBJ in his plans to bring necessary domestic reform, which will go beyond the New Deal and Great Society!

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