Obama and Science, Technology. Energy, and the Environment

One of the most encouraging aspects of the upcoming Obama Administration is its move toward recognizing the importance of appointing influential scientists who promote the return of science and technology to the forefront of our government after eight years of allowing religious zealots to rule the day and work against the science and technology communities.  Additionally, Obama understands the importance of utilizing alternative sources of energy and the promotion of environmental causes as espoused by Nobel Prize winner and former Vice President Al Gore.

The age of know nothingism, in which Christianity was allowed to trump science, thankfully, is ending, and it can only mean progress for the future of our country and planet.  It is very refreshing that we have an intelligent president about to take office, who has the proper understanding of the long range effect of science, technology, energy and the environment.  May he succeed in transforming our role and making us a leader again in these areas so crucial to the future of the nation and the world!

One comment on “Obama and Science, Technology. Energy, and the Environment

  1. No name January 27, 2008 2:46 pm

    Christianity has nothing to do with halting what this country has done to this world, the above comment defies credulity. It is our government who has persistently and consistently overlooked the what we have done to our earth. We had a government under Bush, Jr. who actually gave tax benefits to people buying Hummers. What did Clinton do to help a country with 5% of the population consuming 20% of the world’s resources..nothing. We as a country have consumed more of our natural resources since 1950 than we have in the past 5000 years. Blaming it on Chrisianity is absurd..it is a typical Jewish approach (my two grandchildren being Jewish) to blame the mess on somebody else…going back to Pontius Pilate. Jerry Harrison

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