The Obama Victory Speech

President-elect Obama gave this evening an inspirational speech that reminded many of the great speeches of Lincoln, FDR, Kennedy and Reagan.

He called upon America to support him; he promised to keep us informed on what he would do and what he could not do; he reached out to Americans who had not backed his campaign; he made it clear that he would spend every waking moment working on repairing our economy and our world position; he outlined the challenges that he and the nation faced; he declared he would start immediately during the transitional period and inauguration day on planning strategy for the future.

The President-elect’s speech calls us to the challenges of the future and recalls the image of the presidents mentioned above.  The excitement of his election will continue to grow to January 20, 2009 when he will offer his vision of the future to a world and nation counting on him to transform events in a positive way!

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