Senator John McCain’s Concession Speech

Senator McCain has been very gracious in his concession speech.  He has shown he is a statesman, not just a politician.  He has called for the nation to unite behind President-elect Obama and has pledged to support "his President" in all of his endeavors.  This is appropriate and should be an example for all Americans, as we need to stop the stalemate and gridlock which has become so common in the last two decades.

The poisonous atmosphere so often promoted by right wing radio and tv commentators, including Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh must be repudiated, as they do not have the welfare of the country in mind, but rather their own aggrandizement and publicity.  It is time that the American people rejected them by refusing to watch and listen to their disgraceful propaganda designed to divide, rather than unite. 

Responsible Republicans and conservatives will want to give President-elect Obama a chance to show his leadership, while still, of course, reserving the right to criticize and offer alternative ideas and programs to help us out of the economic mess we are in, and also to resolve the Iraq war which is depleting our resources and making enemies for us in the Islamic world without any positive effect on our national security and foreign policy.

We should all be happy that the long Presidential campaign is over and pray for insight and wisdom in our new President!

One comment on “Senator John McCain’s Concession Speech

  1. Micky November 9, 2008 11:42 pm

    I understand we have a very liberal President-elect now, but don’t you think censoring newsmedia is going a little bit too far?  Or shouldn’t radical, right-wing "nuts" be allowed to spew their poisonous views?  :)  Nobody seems to be throwing a fit about Bill Maher and his extreme anti-religion views that probably offend more people than Rush Limbaugh does. 

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