The Dangerous Evolution of the McCain Campaign

We are in a very dangerous time in the presidential race as a result of the deterioration of the McCain campaign.  Instead of addressing the economic crisis that the nation faces, McCain and Sarah Palin are promoting guilt by association and wasting our time by focusing on William Ayers and the Reverend Wright, as if this is going to resolve the issues faced by this country.  McCain is running on empty, and meanwhile his audiences at his Town Hall meetings are becoming more scary and terrifying by the hour.

To have racist statements made, to have accusations that Obama is a terrorist and a Muslim, to have suggestions that he needs to be killed, and to have McCain and Palin NOT speak up immediately and condemn such statements,  is a reflection on the despicable nature of their campaign.  McCain and Palin should immediately step in and make clear that such statements are out of bounds.  Instead, they encourage the crowd with their despicable rhetoric and inflame the rallies,  which seem  more like a mob gathering.  It makes one wonder whether McCain and Palin should suspend their speeches, get together with their economic advisers and come up over the next week with a REAL economic alternative, since that is what the American people want to hear instead of divisive, poisonous propaganda that shows no interest in the future of America.

It is of great concern that when the election is over, will we be able to unite and deal with the economic crisis we are in or just have a new level of stalemate and gridlock that will paralyze our ability to improve our domestic and foreign policy in the next four years?  That one individual  at the rally in Wisconsin, who was so out of control in his personal behavior and concerned about the false threat of socialism if Obama wins the election,  is more a sign of what is much more scary–that we have a white supremacist, right wing fascist element in this country far greater a threat to our civil liberties and government stability than anything that a move to the left, after a generation of failed right wing leadership, could possibly represent.

This nation needs to unite and the burden of that is on Senator John McCain and Governor Sarah Palin to STOP the personal attacks and condemn the vile statements made by their supporters and to come up with a viable alternative on the issue of the economy if they wish to have any chance to perform honorably in the election coming up in 26 days.  The legacy of Senator McCain as an historic figure will be decided by how he handles this last month.  He can go down as a statesman who had some major contributions to make in his long career or as a demagogue who divided his country and promoted racial hatred and practiced McCarthyism in his valiant quest for power. 

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  1. Miquel Gonzalez wrote: October 11, 2008 11:32 pm

    McCain can do no right.  When he suspends his campaign to focus on the economy he is called an old man incapable of multi-tasking.  When he puts effort into his campaign he is criticized for not focusing on the economy.  The Democratic party is so quick to find anything and everything wrong they possibly can with John McCain that they fail to realize the horrible contradictions they, themselves, have made. 

    McCain and Palin are not promoting guilt by association.  They are simply pointing out acquaintances that betray Obama’s true character.  His association with Bill Ayers is despicable.  Bill Ayers was a terrorsit who bombed federal building and co-founded a radical group that was responsible for cop killing etc.  For Barack Obama to go and then work with this man on education shows real character flaws. 

    His friendship with Jeremiah Wright is also disturbing.  Reverend Wright has accused whites of atrocities that are blatantly false.  He has spewed hate and bigotry in the house of God.  We have all heard the soundbytes and seen the clips of his disrespectful and blasphemous remarks about this country and God.  Barack Obama sat in the pews of the Rev. Wright’s church for twenty years.  He has referred to Wright as his "spiritual mentor."  Yet somehow he expects us to believe that he never heard any comments similar to the ones made by Rev. Wright.  Give me a break.  This is a Harvard grad.  He is a smart man.  If he was stupid enough to realize the hate his pastor was spewing, then he does not deserve to be President of the United States.  And if he did realize the message his pastor was spreading, then he has a lot of questions to answer about his character and judgment.  Either way, the US people should be wary of Barack Obama.  

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