Nightmare Scenario

The Katy Couric interview with Governor Sarah Palin demonstrates that Ms. Palin, who could be a heartbeat away from the Presidency after January 20, if we were so unfortunate as to elect Senator John McCain President of the United States on November 4, is totally inarticulate and makes one see her possible accession to the Vice Presidency as a nightmare scenario. 

I have stated earlier on this blog that we have had Vice Presidents in the past who were scary and incompetent, specifically Spiro Agnew under Richard Nixon and Dan Quayle under George H W Bush.  We were fortunate that Richard Nixon and George H W Bush remained healthy and alive while in office, and Agnew’s own corruption eliminated his chance to succeed Nixon, and Quayle, when he tried for the Presidency in 1996 was a total flop as no one in the Republican party could possibly imagine him as a potential President. 

But even they were better by comparison with Sarah Palin, who has not yet made an intelligent, coherent statement in her few public interviews or comments with the news media.  And really, to call Charles Gibson and Katy Couric challenging interviewers is hard to justify.  They produce softballs, not hardballs, and Sarah Palin, even with such kind, gentle interviewers seemingly cannot produce an intelligent, complex statement or judgment.  We cannot tolerate such incompetence, lack of knowledge, and intelligence in a person just a heartbeat away in theory from the American Presidency in a time of great problems and challenges.

The VP debate next Thursday between Sarah Palin and Joe Biden hopefully will clinch the issue of incompetence and mediocrity offered by Palin and will continue the decline in public opinion of John McCain, who has shown terrible judgment in picking a woman who is basically an insult to womanhood, that this is the best woman that could be selected when there were numerous, much better qualified women who could have strengthened the McCain candidacy and given all of us a more peaceful sleep every night as we await the judgment of the American people on November 4.

One comment on “Nightmare Scenario

  1. Michael Brian October 1, 2008 12:03 am
      "Sarah Palin, who has not yet made an intelligent, coherent statement in her few public interviews or comments with the news media". You, Ron, are intentionally ignoring Palin’s interviews with Sean Hannity and Hugh Hewitt, both legitimate journalists who are not already "in the tank" for Obama.

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