Sarah Palin Exposed

So  now we have observed Sarah Palin in her first extended interview by Charles Gibson, the ABC news anchor this past Thursday and Friday.  What has been observed is indeed troubling when one considers that the Governor of Alaska would be a heartbeat away from the Presidency should Senator John McCain win the election this fall and fail to survive his term in office.

It is obvious that Sarah Palin has no clue as to the issues of international relations and has the wrong views on domestic issues.  She tries to tell us that she knows Russia because there are locations in Alaska where you can see the Far Eastern part of Russia in the distance, as if you see a building a distance from you and you would know what is going on in that building by that fact alone, an idea which is of course preposterous. 

Sarah Palin seemed stunned when asked about the Bush Doctrine, which the supporters argue is something most people in the country would not know.  That may be true, but Sarah Palin is not just any American.  She is potentially a heartbeat away from the Oval Office, and we do not want just "any ill informed American" being in that position.  The thought of a person so close to power NOT knowing the policies of the president in office that will be succeeded by her possibly at any time is truly frightening.

How can anyone realistically believe that Sarah Palin will be able to hold her own in a debate on foreign policy with Senator Joe Biden, an acknowledged expert and specialist  in foreign policy?  I know that conservatives will claim that she did "better" than one would expect and will probably accuse Biden of body language and attitude that makes him look sexist.  But even a crash course in foreign policy is NOT going to make Sarah a person we can believe in and trust in foreign policy.  In the dangerous world we live in, we cannot afford ourselves the luxury of a woman who seems very ordinary in her insights and intelligence to be our potential Commander in Chief.  This is no Hillary Clinton, no Olympia Snowe, no Kay Bailey Hutchison, no Condoleezza Rice!

Meanwhile, regarding domestic issues, no evidence has yet emerged that Sarah Palin has any ideas on how to revive our economy, instead only talking about cutting taxes and cutting spending.  That is NOT going to solve the numerous economic problems we now face, regarded by serious observers as the worst economic conditions since the Great Depression.  And Ms. Palin tries to claim she is not one for "earmarks", when indeed the record shows she is one of the most active users of this tactic despite the small population of what Fred Thompson calls the "largest:" state in America LOL    Meanwhile, although she denied judging abortion rights activists, gay rights activists, and said she did not believe in censorship and creationism being taught, the evidence shows otherwise–that indeed she WOULD want to impose her views on the nation if she had the chance.  And of course, she is suing the Interior Department of President Bush to prevent protection of the Polar Bear as an endangered species, considering oil and gas drilling as more important.  Teddy Roosevelt must be turning over in his grave, a President who protected the American bison as an endangered species and would certainly be appalled at Governor Palin’s lack of environmental concern.

Sarah Palin seems like a nice lady who one might want to meet over lunch, but that does not qualify her to be a heartbeat away from the Oval Office, and although many say we vote for the President, not the Vice President, we must not forget that nine times out of 33 elected Presidents, we have had the Vice President succeed to the White House.  With that high a percentage, and no such succession since 1974, the longest period without such an event since the first President died in office in 1841, we MUST recognize that the odds are catching up and we MIGHT have that tragic scenario occur in a time of great danger to this nation internationally and internally.

Therefore, we NEED Senator Joe Biden of Delaware to be our next Vice President, and with him and President Barack Obama, we will have the good fortune of having a team the most committed to civil liberties in the history of the Republic, as both have been Constitutional Law professors and have a record of true vigilance about our Bill of Rights.  We must reverse a lot of the damage done by Bush and Cheney, and that will NOT happen under McCain and Palin. It is urgent to bring the change that Obama and Biden represent!

One comment on “Sarah Palin Exposed

  1. Michael Brian September 14, 2008 7:27 pm
      I would argue, although it may sound like boasting, that my two college courses on the topic, plus my educational background in government, make me more of an expert on Russia than Gov. Palin. Her suggestion that war might be an option if Russia invades Georgia betrays a sense of tactlessness as opposed to toughness. As such a staunch advocate of Georgia and Ukraine’s entrance into NATO, one would think Palin would know that acceptance does not come overnight. Perhaps instead of lobbying for federal dollars, she should have been fighting harder for support of Georgia’s admittance into NATO’s Membership Action Plan, which was denied earlier this year.
      As for the Bush Doctrine, even Charlie Gibson didn’t get it quite right. However, Ron, you are exactly right. It is not an excuse that just because many Americans might not have the philosophy of the Bush doctrine engrained into their minds, that it is okay for someone who is next in line to the Oval Office to be ignorant of it.

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