The State That Might Decide the Election–Georgia

The state of Georgia could be the one which decides the Presidential Election of 2008.  It could be as important as Florida was in 2000 and Ohio in 2004.

This is due to the fact that Barack Obama has gained support in Georgia to the point that it has been speculated that he can win the state.  Georgia is seen as weak in the support of the GOP.  Additionally, there are two former Georgia House members who are now running on third party lines, which could affect the result.  One is former Republican Congressman Bob Barr, who is best remembered for pushing the impeachment of President Bill Clinton and also for being condemnatory of President Bush for his abuse of civil liberties in the War on Terror.  Running as the Libertarian party candidate for President makes Barr potentially a threat to Senator John McCain’s chances to hold on to a state which went Republican both times for Bush.  Also on the ballot is former Democratic Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, who is best remembered for her two stints in Congress, and twice being kicked out of office by the voters of her district over her outrageous statements and actions, including slapping a Capitol Hill police officer who asked to see her ID card, an action which made one wonder about her stability.  The Green Party has nominated her for President, and while she will almost certainly have less of an effect on the election, and if anything would likely have more impact on Obama’s vote total, just the fact that she is a a former Georgian in the House over a period of years, could have some role in the final election results in the state. 

It would be ironic if two Georgians running on third party lines actually decided the election, so this is certainly something to be noted and observed carefully over the next two months.  Let’s just say the 15 electoral votes of Georgia are in play and cannot be taken for granted by either side, and it certainly does complicate the struggle of John McCain as he attempts to maintain the Bush coalition of states of 2000 and 2004.

One comment on “The State That Might Decide the Election–Georgia

  1. Michael Brian September 9, 2008 11:40 pm
    Glad to see you took my advice Ron, lol. I think Barr’s libertarian affiliation will help him in Georgia, as well as other Southern states; whereas McKinney is nuts and couldn’t win an election in her own district if she wanted to. Georgia is one of those leaning GOP states, just like Indiana, Arkansas, and North Carolina, that could become more interesting. Barr’s reputation as a hard right winger might win over those who feel that McCain is actually too independent, especially those who look back fondly on the Republican Revolution of 1994. Unfortunately for the Greens, they have selected an illegitimate candidate carrying far too much baggage. Her candidacy isn’t exactly historic, since, well, we have a major party candidate who is also African American, and we have undoubtedly had other egomaniacs with loose screws run before. I don’t see her as having anything more than a minimal impact on the race, even in Georgia. Still, it is a state to watch.

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