Works Projects Administration

Trump Declaration Of War On The Arts, Humanities, PBS, National Public Radio, And Woodrow Wilson International Center For Scholars

Donald Trump’s budget proposal is a declaration of war on the arts, humanities and history, undermining artists, museums, and cultural organizations, although the total budget of all cultural institutions supported by federal money is minuscule, just a few hundred million of 1.1 trillion of total annual discretionary spending, about .0003 percent of the budget.

All the creative work of the National Endowment for the Humanities and National Endowment for the Arts would be wiped out, and there would also be elimination of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting which provides funding for PBS and National Public Radio, and of the Woodrow Wilson International Center For Scholars.

So all funding for cultural and educational institutions would be ended, a repudiation of the value of intellectual pursuits, and closing down agencies that have done so much good for America, opening up the eyes and minds of tens of millions of Americans who were educated by the creative work of intellectuals in all fields of the arts and humanities.

We are seeing the suppression of our institutional memory of knowledge.

This move by Trump would repudiate all the good work done in the arts and humanities by Franklin D. Roosevelt during the Great Depression via the Works Projects Administration (WPA) to keep the cultural community alive and thriving.

It also is 52 years since Lyndon B. Johnson made a major commitment to culture and the arts, through the establishment by Congress of the NEH, PBS, NEA, and the Wilson Center.

All decent people must fight this anti intellectualism full throttle!

The Urgent, Dire Need Nationally For Public Works Projects!

During the Great Depression of the 1930s, the federal government, under the New Deal of Franklin D. Roosevelt, invested in public works projects of all kinds, through the WPA (Works Projects Administration), PWA (Public Works Administration), the CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps), the NYA (National Youth Administration) and other government agencies.

Improvements and expansion of bridges, tunnels, canals, highways, national parks, national forest land, schools, libraries, hospitals, post offices, military and naval bases, city and state public buildings, and support of historical projects, artistic work, music, theater, and other creative activities, all gave hope to millions of Americans and improved the quality of life in America!

Here we are 80 years later, and the same challenges beckon us, as there is a terrible crisis of work NOT done on transportation, conservation, education, health care, homeland security and a myriad of other activities that need public investment and support!

What are we waiting for? How can we remain competitive if we do not invest in the future of our nation?

This is not the time for politics, but action!

The Growing Danger Of Social Media, Social Networking: Growing Discontent Among Young People Who Are Unemployed Leads To Potential Violence And Revolution!

Social Media such as Facebook and Twitter have brought people together in all kinds of great causes and crusades, including the “Arab Spring” in many Middle East nations that are autocracies.

At the same time, social networking has also been leading to the ability of crime gangs to promote chaos and anarchy, as has been occurring recently in Philadelphia; to demonstrations interfering with freedom of movement in the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) system in San Francisco; and to authorities attempting to shut down social media and cell phones to prevent such confrontations and violence, but in the process interfering with civil liberties, and the ability to communicate for law abiding citizens.

When one realizes that a lot of what has happened in the “Arab Spring” is not just based on politics, but also on the inability of many young people in the Middle East to find work or make an adequate living even with those who have educational attainment, one must also realize that millions of young Americans, who would never be ordinarily considering being lawless, MIGHT with growing unemployment and frustration help to cause some firebrands to incite people to rise up in violence and bloodshed in opposition to the lack of federal and state governments doing what they can to promote job creation. Whether with business assistance or through public works projects, as during the Great Depression, when millions of people contributed to the growth of infrastructure through the Works Projects Administration and other agencies, giving them faith in the future and a steady paycheck, it is ESSENTIAL that actions be taken immediately to prevent such an occurrence!

The fact that the US government under Republican House leadership has done NOTHING to promote job growth, and that state governments are cutting employment at the same time, means that unemployment is likely to grow, apparently part of the plan of the GOP to make Barack Obama look bad. But in the process, it is likely to provoke eventual violence and bloodshed, which can be fueled on the internet through Facebook and Twitter and other social media!

The potential for trouble is alarming, and the events in the Middle East, Philadelphia and San Francisco should ring alarm bells in our government at all levels, that we CANNOT allow widespread unemployment to grow and claim there is nothing that government can do, as they indeed did a GREAT DEAL during the New Deal years of Franklin D. Roosevelt and saved the country from revolution!

It is time for Congress and the states to stop the politics, and start promoting job opportunity, whether privately inspired or publicly created, and not later, but NOW!

The URGENT Need For Public Works Projects And Infrastructure Improvements!

With more than 14 million people out of work, and a 9.2 percent unemployment rate officially, and probably a REAL unemployment rate of 14 percent or more, it is an URGENT need for President Obama to call upon Congress for public works projects and infrastructure improvements!

One may ask what are the odds that such a program would make it through the House of Representatives with a Republican majority, and a Senate where the Republicans could filibuster such legislation!

That is not really the point, as this is a MORAL cause, not just for the workers who would benefit and pay taxes and improve the country, but for all of us, who would benefit from improvements in our roads, bridges, canals, rivers, lakes, tunnels, national parks, parks, schools, hospitals and all other public places!

We need what Franklin D. Roosevelt promoted in the 1930s as part of his New Deal–the Civilian Conservation Corps, the Works Projects Administration, the Public Works Administration, the National Youth Administration–to give opportunity and hope to our citizenry and make this country a better place!

And if such promotion of public works fails to pass, President Obama can use it as a campaign issue agaInst the Republicans, and how can anyone imagine losing votes on the concept of job opportunity for those out of work?

So this is a winning issue, both for its morality and righteousness, and politically as well, because, assuredly, the Republican Party will fight it tooth and nail to the bitter end, since they have NO interest in creating jobs, and have done nothing to promote it in the seven months they have controlled the House of Representatives!

So Barack Obama should pursue this, and tell the Republicans to “Bring It On”, the fight that will ensue over it!