Rush Bagot Agreement Of 1817

200 Year Closest Relationship Of Adjoining Nations Threatened: Donald Trump And Canada

Exactly two hundred years ago, the United States and Canada under British control signed agreements that settled boundary disputes–The Rush Bagot Agreement of 1817 and the Convention of 1818.

With a bit further agreement in a treaty with Great Britain, known as the Oregon Settlement of 1846, the final issue of boundaries was resolved.

Canada became independent of Great Britain 150 years ago in 1867, and since then, there have been no major issues between the two nations which share a boundary of 3,987 miles, and a boundary between Alaska and Canada of 1,538 miles.

There has been total cooperation and peace between the US and its wonderful neighbor, unheard of elsewhere in the world.

But now, Donald Trump is stirring up bad feelings and tensions with Canada over trade and tariffs, a totally ridiculous and reckless move by a mentally unstable President.

Canada has been such a good neighbor, and has fought in every American war alongside our troops, and yet, Donald Trump has no appreciation or respect for our Canadian neighbors.

This is a great tragedy, one of many sins and outrages, that might forever change the sense of peace and stability on our long joint borders with Canada.

Somehow, this insanity must be overcome, and soon!