Joe Wilson

The Republicans Give Barack Obama A Gift!

The Republican party in Congress just gave President Obama a gift he could not have imagined: independent support!

What Joe Wilson did on Wednesday night–show disrespect and lack of decorum during the President’s health care speech–and the fact that all kinds of right wing nuts came out of the woodwork to support Wilson, including the extremist talk show hosts on radio–only makes those who are registered independents realize that the GOP as a party, with only a few exceptions, is allowing itself to be hijacked by extremist right wing elements, who are unwilling to consider negotiation and or compromise with the Obama Administration, and are determined to destroy and wreck, rather than construct and contribute.

This will contribute to the deterioration of the GOP further than the defeats of 2006 and 2008 in Congress, and only when the party falls even further and hits rock bottom in support and membership,will they maybe, hopefully, finally repudiate the extremist elements and come back to moderation, and to an image of respectability in American politics.

So President Obama has received a gift which will definitely benefit not only him and his party, but the American people at large. This nation will say NO WAY to a party that has nothing constructive to say or do, and is only too willing to let radicals and troublemakers seize the machinery of the party!

Joe Wilson And The Tea Party Patriots, Talk Show Hosts, Gun Nuts And Secessionists

The United States is seriously in danger with the growing power and influence of the right wing talk show hosts, the Tea Party Patriots, the gun nuts, and the secessionists, all of whom have found a new “hero” in Republican Congressman Joe Wilson of South Carolina, who yelled “You Liar” at President Obama during his speech before a joint session of Congress, and has now been defended by all these zealots and extremists.

Wilson broke a Congressional rule and should be censured by the US House, and many decent Republicans, led by John McCain, rightfully condemned his outrageous behavior. It is not only the bad manners displayed by Wilson that is the issue, but also the fact that it was not Obama who lied, but rather Wilson, in claiming that illegal immigrants were indeed covered in the health care bill, which is a total falsehood.

Wilson has been known for constant lying on many issues, and now the right wing whackos are rallying to him as a way to promote their cause of secession, states rights, promotion of guns, advocacy of violence, and even talk by some of overthrowing the government by force.

We are more in danger of a true FASCIST takeover by these dangerous elements than we have been since the age of Hitler and Mussolini, when during the New Deal and World War II, we had many apologists for these dangerous dictators and their ideology.

Now we have home grown Fascists, who promote hate and racism and anti Semitism and nativism, and claim to be following the Constitution. The Founding Fathers are turning over in their graves at what we have come to, when ANY American can even conceive of supporting such dangerous extremists who wish most Americans nothing but ill intent.

It is hoped, and assumed, that the FBI, the Secret Service, and police agencies all across the nation, are keeping a tab on these extremist elements, and are ready to step in, if necessary, to stop their evil intentions and planned deeds.

It is time for the American people to make it clear: We will not tolerate these threats to our freedom and liberty, and will not accept the dictates of these zealots who are false prophets of American patriotism!