Joe Wilson

The 10 Worst Republican House Members In The 116th Congress

There are a total of 198 Republican members of the House of Representatives, and it is nearly impossible to know all, or most of them, in detail as to their statements and actions.

Some, however, stand out, based on their public record and news coverage, as the absolute worst, most disgraceful Republican Congressmen and women.

So here goes a list of the ten worst Republican House members in the 116th Congress, with the most notorious mentioned as the last named.

Congressman Joe Wilson of South Carolina

Congresswoman Virginia Foxx of North Carolina

Congressman at Large Greg Gianforte of Montana

Congressman Ken Buck of Colorado

Congressman Matt Gaetz of Florida

Congressman Ted Yoho of Florida

Congressman Devin Nunes of California

Congressman Jim Jordan of Ohio

Congressman Steve King of Iowa

Congressman Louie Gohmert of Texas

All of these ten members of the Republican caucus in the House of Representatives are outrageous in their behavior, but the last five are the most controversial, and display massive amounts of arrogance, racism, misogyny, nativism, and in the case of Gohmert, pure stupidity and embarrassment!

The ones that have the most influence in the party are Nunes and Jordan, both slavishly loyal to Donald Trump.

Notice that five of the ten are from the South; two from the Midwest; and three from Western states.

Three of this group of horrible members of the House of Representatives will not be in the 117th Congress:

Greg Gianforte is the Republican nominee for Governor of Montana, which he lost once before, in 2016. Let all decent people hope he loses again and is retired from any public office!

Ted Yoho is retiring after four terms in the House of Representatives. He used foul language against Congresswoman Andrea Ocasio-Cortez a week ago, and should be condemned formally in the House of Representatives for his horrible sexist behavior, unlikely to occur, but good riddance that he is leaving at the end of 2020!

Steve King lost the primary in Iowa to run for reelection. King is a clear racist, nativist, and constantly an embarrassment, and was stripped of his committee memberships by Republican leader, Kevin McCarthy, which shows how extreme he has become. One can be sure that Republicans are not disturbed that he was repudiated finally by his Congressional district voters!

These three Congressmen will not be missed, but one can be sure there will be other Republican Congressmen who are a disgrace to their party, who will join this list!

Finally, Louie Gohmert has become a controversy by arguing against wearing a mask, and now coming down with the Covid-19, and having expressed the belief that by wearing the mask now and then, that he might have caused himself to get the virus. He also has insisted that his staff stay in the office, endangering them and three interns. And he uses his office as his home, and now has been told he must find somewhere else to live and sleep. This man is someone who used to be an elected judge in Texas, and it makes one wonder how such a total embarrassment, disgrace, and moron as he is, ever made it to Congress!

When former Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann was in Congress, Gohmert was often termed as the male Michele Bachmann!

It makes one wonder if those who vote characters like this into Congress have any brains in their head, not exactly a sign of the virtues of mass voting, sorry to say!

Donald Trump’s Concept Of Treason, Amidst Economic Crisis On Wall Street

Donald Trump is displaying totalitarian tendencies more every day.

Part of a democratic government is to have an opposition which is critical of the government, and offers alternative policies and programs.

This has gone on throughout American history, and the with the evolution of political parties.

Every President has understood that he will be criticized and will not get applause from the opposition when making the State of the Union Address, and many have had to deal with members of the other party who may act rude and inappropriate, as for instance with South Carolina Republican Congressman Joe Wilson who yelled “You lie!”, as President Obama discovered as he gave a speech to Congress in September 2009.

The answer is not to to do what Donald Trump has just done, to suggest that the Democrats who refused to applaud him, were treasonous.

This is the rhetoric of an Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, Joseph Stalin, Kim Jong Un, Mao Tse Tung, Hugo Chavez, Juan Peron and other totalitarian dictators of the Left and the Right.

There is no way that this country can tolerate a President who insists on uniformity and obedience, particularly when Donald Trump has done so much damage and harm to American democratic traditions of over 230 years since the establishment of the Constitution.

We are NOT going to obey or bow to this tin horned, would be dictator, and the American people will rise in rebellion if any more violations of our basic civil and human rights are attempted.

Donald Trump will pay the price ultimately, and will be forced out office, and any American who does not support Robert Mueller’s investigation of the corruption of the 2016 election is no patriot, and in fact, it is such people who are committing treason, not critics of Trump working to preserve our democratic system of government.

The economic crisis on Wall Street will hasten the downfall of Donald Trump, and he is now claiming he is the victim of a conspiracy with the stock market going down the past week, absolutely crazy, maniacal behavior.

South Carolina Becomes The Worst, Most Embarrassing State In America!

South Carolina, and particularly, its more “advanced” area, Charleston, had a chance to prove that they have moved beyond the Civil War, and they have failed miserably tonight!

In bringing back the political life of disgraced former Governor Mark Sanford, putting him back in the Congressional seat he held in the 1990s, they have proved that South Carolina is the worst, most embarrassing state in America in the year 2013!

Certainly, South Carolina has had competition from states, including Texas, Georgia, Alabama, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Arizona, but a state which could elect such individuals as Governor Nikki Haley, Senator Lindsey Graham, Congressman Joe Wilson, and former Congressman Tim Scott, appointed to replace an equally horrible Senator, Jim DeMint, wins the competition hands down! Now Mark Sanford has been added to the mix!

Meanwhile, the state remains way behind the national average economically and socially, but no worry, as the voters throughout South Carolina seem willing to stick in their Civil War mold, and support the Tea Party Movement, which wishes to bring South Carolina back to the “glory days” of Strom Thurmond, and even further back, John C. Calhoun!

The Loony Politics Of South Carolina

South Carolina, the “Rebel” state which started the Civil War at Fort Sumter in 1861, has become one of the looniest states in American politics!

Not only is it the state of Congressman Joe Wilson, who yelled out that President Barack Obama was lying, during a State of the Union Address.

Not only is it the state of Governor Nikki Haley, hailed because she is the second Indian American Governor, after Bobby Jindal of Louisiana, but who has the most extremist views on many topics, similar to Jindal.

Not only is it the state of Jim DeMint, the leader of the Tea Party Senators, who now is leaving the Senate to join the Heritage Foundation, a right wing think thank.

Not only is it the state of newly appointed Senator Tim Scott, the first African American Republican Senator since Edward Brooke of Massachusetts in the 1960s and 1970s—a man nothing like Brooke, but rather closer in extremist views to fellow African American Republican Congressman Allen West of Florida, who lost his reelection to the House this November. Scott favors cuts in food stamps, HIV AIDS support; called for the impeachment of President Obama over the debt limit; and wants billions of dollars in aid to the oil industry, among other crazy, extremist ideas.

This is also the state of Senator Lindsey Graham, who has tied himself to Senator John McCain in going after Susan Rice, United Nations Ambassador, over the Benghazi, Libya incident, for which she had no blame, and therefore negating her chance to be Secretary of State in tne next term of Barack Obama.

But now to top it off, former Governor Mark Sanford, who resigned over his love affair with a woman in Argentina, and whose wife divorced him, has decided to run for Congressman Scott’s seat in the House of Representatives, a seat he once held before becoming Governor, as a way to revive his flagging political career.

Oh, and by the way, Scott’s House seat, once held by Sanford, and maybe again, is in Charleston, where the Civil War began at Fort Sumter!

So has anything changed in South Carolina since 1861? One has to wonder!

The Tea Party Republican Influence In The US Senate Grows, Even With Jim DeMint Leaving For Heritage Foundation

South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint, the creator of the Tea Party Caucus in the US Senate, and one of the most right wing, reactionary members of the upper chamber, is resigning to head the ultra conservative Heritage Foundation for about ten times his Senate salary, and to continue to work to purge the Senate Republicans of anyone moderate, or willing to compromise with Democrats or President Barack Obama.

The members of the Senate Republican minority considered to be Tea Party oriented include:

Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky
Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin
Senator Mike Lee of Utah
Senator Marco Rubio of Florida
Senator Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania

Also, new Senators joining the group include:

Senator Jeff Flake of Arizona
Senator Deb Fischer of Nebraska
Senator Ted Cruz of Texas

The Tea Party Senate Republicans failed to elect the following to the Senate:

Christine ODonnell of Delaware
Sharron Angle of Nevada
Ken Buck Of Colorado
Joe Miller of Alaska

Todd Akin of Missouri
Richard Mourdock of Indiana
Josh Mandel of Ohio

One could say, therefore, that there are now EIGHT Senators in the group, with SEVEN others being successfully defeated in the past two Senate election periods.

One more is likely to be added, when South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley appoints someone to replace DeMint, until the next Senate elections in 2014, with a tremendous edge for that individual to keep the seat.

Potential candidates for the replacement include:

Nikki Haley herself, who has national ambitions to run for President
Congressman Tim Scott, the only black Republican, and similar to Allen West in his views and attitudes
Congressman Joe Wilson, who infamously said Barack Obama was lying in his first State of the Union address

Many might say that the Tea Party is in decline, but in reality, it is far from dead, and there are still a large number of Tea Party Republicans in the House of Representatives, making life difficult for House Speaker John Boehner.

And one can be sure that Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell will be having more sleepless nights, more so with DeMint able to work to make the Republican Party ever more right wing in his position as the head of the Heritage Foundation!

Any thought that the Republican Party might move toward the center of the political spectrum seems highly unlikely after this event of DeMint’s move out of the Senate!

Lack Of Respect For President Obama Escalates In Dangerous Manner!

President Barack Obama has been subjected to more character assassination and signs of disrespect than any President in history!

Sure, there have been strong attacks against many other Presidents, without a doubt!

But the level of disrespect is reaching fever pitch recently!

Most recently, a conservative journalist rudely interrupted the President’s announcement of a change in policy on undocumented immigrant youths under 30, and the journalist would not stop his bitter attack on what Obama was saying! Obama was much too nice to this excuse for a journalist, and the man should be barred from future news events at the White House as a result, but probably will not suffer such treatment!

Now, an exhibit at the Montana State Republican convention shows a building said to be the Obama Presidential Library, with a bullet hole through the structure, a very disturbing event that should be repudiated by all Republicans everywhere, but assuredly will not be condemned, and will be ignored by major Republican leaders entirely!

Earlier such events included Congressman Joe Wilson of South Carolina interrupting President Obama as he gave a State of the Union Address; and Arizona Governor Jan Brewer pointing a finger at Obama as she met him in the Phoenix airport!

All of this behavior is totally unacceptable, and degrades the sense of respect for the office of the Presidency, and since there will be Republicans in the Oval Office in the future, there is a need to stop such behavior immediately and condemn it wholeheartedly when it occurs!

The Urgent Needs For The Jobs Speech Of President Obama

President Obama will be delivering a Jobs speech to a joint session of Congress this Thursday, with skepticism and even disrespect already evident, with Congressmen Joe Wilson of South Carolina and Joe Walsh of Illinois already stating they would not be present.

The Republicans are unwilling to do anything to create jobs, and seem ready to refuse the Obama plan to continue the payroll tax holiday, which cut the Social Security tax on employers and employees, giving taxpayers approximately a thousand dollars extra to spend, helping middle and lower income taxpayers, and helping to stimulate the economy. After all they did under George W. Bush to increase the deficit, now the Republicans put the deficit ahead of helping the average American, while not considering any tax increases to be borne by those who have received the bulk of the tax cuts in the past decade, the extremely wealthy! It is this reckless fiscal policy under George W. Bush which has led to this economic crisis we now face!

Unemployment compensation, which has been extended up to 99 weeks in some states, needs to be extended since we have more people with long term unemployment than ever before since World War II. Money coming from unemployment compensation is immediately spent, which would help the economy in a major way.

Infrastructure spending is urgent, not only in creation of jobs, but also the dire need to rebuild and extend our roads, bridges, rail and mass transit, which are in poor shape across the country.

Refinancing of mortgages is urgent to give struggling homeowners the opportunity to keep their homes, as the more homes in foreclosure, the worse the whole housing situation will be for the long run.

Unfortunately, the likelihood is that close to nothing that Obama will promote will make it through Congress, setting up the political debate for the 2012 Presidential Election. The sad part is the great human suffering which will ensue, and the danger that it could lead to violence and turmoil in America!

The “Joes” And Barack Obama: “Joe The Plumber”, Joe Wilson, And Joe Walsh

In the age of Barack Obama, we have “Joes”, just about the most common male name, but three of these “Joes” are an embarrassment to their country and to politics!

First of all, we had “Joe The Plumber”, actually Samuel Wurzelbacher, who became a Republican propaganda point for John McCain and Sarah Palin in the 2008 Presidential campaign, making a total fool of himself, and being revealed as NOT being a plumber, regarding the issue of lack of proper licensing in Ohio. Wurzelbacher has made money from the title given him, and has worked as a motivational speaker and commentator since then, without much renown or brilliance being revealed!

Secondly, we had Joe Wilson, Republican Congressman from South Carolina, who had the gall to attack President Obama, when he gave his speech before a joint session of Congress in support of a health care law in 2009. Yelling “You lie”, Wilson refused to apologize after the fact for his insulting behavior, which could not be recalled as having occurred before, but immediately he became a celebrity in right wing circles, and raised quickly a lot of money for his 2010 reelection campaign. Now Joe Wilson has declared that he will NOT attend the joint session of Congress next Thursday when Obama speaks on his jobs program, at a time of the greatest economic crisis since the Great Depression, something caused by the Republican Party during the years of the GOP control of Congress and the Presidency under George W. Bush!

Finally, we have Joe Walsh, Republican Congressman from Illinois, a freshman who has drawn great notice for his insulting, belligerent, and rude behavior, including his constant use of the first name of his interviewer on any cable channel or news show, as he talks over him with non stop attacks on President Obama. He, along with Joe WIlson, has decided NOT to attend the joint session of Congress next Thursday, claiming what Obama is doing is purely political, and he will not be part of it! He also has called Obama “idiotic”, claims he was not vetted by the news media, and that he was elected only because whites who felt guilt about racism hooked onto an intelligent, articulate black man to feel better about their guilt over the past of race relations. Walsh claims that private enterprise knows how to create jobs, but seems unwilling to offer any advice on the topic, but instead simply uses rhetoric to keep public office, so that he can pay the back child support he owes his former wife after his divorce and bankruptcy!

The idea that any member of Congress refuses to attend a joint session of Congress to listen to a President is mind boggling, and there is no historical record of such a snub being done before!

These three “Joes” cannot match the intellect, the brilliance, the sincerity, the decency of our President, and every principled American should condemn the despicable, disrespectful behavior they have demonstrated against our President! Instead of attempting to come to the aid of their country, they would rather just throw darts and zingers at our Commander in Chief and wish for his downfall!

Another Embarrassment For South Carolina! Lieutenant Governor Andre Bauer!

As if South Carolina did not have enough government officials who are an embarrassment to the Palmetto State, now another person can be added to the list!

We already knew about Governor Mark Sanford, who went off to Argentina without telling his wife or family or even his staff, to pursue an affair outside his marriage. This has led to unsuccessful impeachment moves by the state legislature, and a recent move to censure him, but allow him to finish his term.

His lieutenant governor, Andre Bauer, who would be the successor if he were to leave office before the end of the year 2010, now has managed to get himself into trouble with his comments! Bauer showed lack of sensitivity and pure stupidity this week when he made a public statement in a speech comparing poor children to stray animals! He said that feeding stray animals or poor children both lead only to more reproduction, because you are giving them encouragement! He then apologized to animal lovers for comparing stray animals to poor children, but did not apologize to poor children and poor people in general for comparing them to stray animals! He criticized the giving of free lunches to poor children in school.  Is there anything more despicable than this?  🙁

Can you imagine if this jerk, this disgrace of a public official, were to become Governor of South Carolina? Can you actually realize that his accession to the Governorship would be worse than keeping Mark Sanford in office? What is it with South Carolina that they can elect such morons to high positions in state government? And to top it off, Andre Bauer obviously wants to be Governor, and might very well be elected if his state’s population is insensitive enough to do so this November! 🙁

So South Carolina has Mark Sanford and Andre Bauer as their two top state officials! And add to this the embarrassment of Congressman Joe Wilson who yelled “No” at President Obama last fall, and Senator Jim DeMint, considered the most right wing member of the Senate, and who became infamous for pushing the idea of stopping President Obama’s health care plan, in order to create Obama’s “Waterloo”!

One wonders why South Carolina seems incapable of electing mainstream, reasonable, decent political leaders. They seem never to have recovered from John C. Calhoun, the Civil War, Reconstruction, and Strom Thurmond! LOL

Alan Grayson Vs. Joe Wilson: Who Is Being Disrespectful?

The Republicans are outraged that Florida Democratic Congressman Alan Grayson has the gall to call them out on the fact that they have no real plan for health care reform. Grayson declared yesterday that the GOP plan for someone who is sick is get over it rapidly or die quickly, as there is no concern over the fact that millions of people have no health care, and millions of others have health care coverage that will not cover them when they have a health crisis.

Meanwhile, Joe Wilson of South Carolina yells out at President Obama that “You lie”, but that is alright to most Republicans who refused to back a condemnation of Wilson for an action that has never taken place in the history of Presidential appearances before a joint session of Congress.

Grayson pointed out today that about 44,000 people die annually for lack of health insurance to deal with their health needs, which is eleven times the number killed in Iraq since 2003. This is a “holocaust” for which the Republicans and many well to do Americans seem to have no concern.

The best that the Republicans can react is to say that Grayson has a “pathological pattern of unstable behavior”. I would say instead that Joe Wilson has demonstrated that in his insulting behavior at Obama’s Health Care speech to Congress!

To compare Grayson’s statement with Wilson’s action is unjustifiable. Grayson is speaking the truth, that the Republicans have no concern, while Wilson was totally rude and disrespectful, and also lied when he said Obama had lied.