Erick Erickson

Conservatives Against Donald Trump

Conservatives and the conservative journals of opinion are generally deeply alarmed by the Presidential candidacy of Donald Trump, and many say that under no circumstances will they endorse or back Trump in any way, fashion, or form.

This includes, among others, the following:

Bill Kristol
Jonah Goldberg
Erick Erickson
Glenn Beck
Robert Kagan
Max Boot
Mark Levin
Stephen Hayes
George Will
Mona Charen
Ross Douthat
Charlie Sykes
David French
Jennifer Rubin

This is far from a complete list, but the numbers are growing daily.

They see Trump destroying the conservative movement for a generation or more, and are determined to take him down, even though they have no clear alternative to vote for.

Republican Party Split Begins Around Presumptive Nominee Donald Trump!

The Republican Party is deteriorating before our eyes, as they face the threat of Donald Trump.

George H. W. Bush, George W. Bush, Mitt Romney, Jeb Bush, Lindsey Graham all reject him.

So does Erick Erickson, Bill Kristol, most of the Weekly Standard and National Review conservatives, and most US Senators and Congressmen of the party.

Others such as John McCain and Susan Collins and Kelly Ayotte are steering clear of him, while not repudiating him.

Many Republican Senators running for reelection are in a no win situation, including McCain, Ayotte, Rob Portman, Ron Johnson, Pat Toomey, and Mark Kirk.

Many Wall Street Republicans, and much of the Wall Street Journal group, and even elements of the Fox News Channel crowd, reject Trump’s candidacy.

Neoconservatives in the party are infuriated with Trump’s foreign policy views.

Social conservatives cannot accept Trump’s support of limited abortion rights and LGBT rights, including transgender bathroom issues.

And Speaker of the House Paul Ryan stating his inability to support Trump at this point is totally stunning!

There is a sense of desperation, and the belief we are in the midst of a revolution in the party system!

Conservative Revolt, But Also Civil War, Against Donald Trump, For The “Soul” Of The Republican Party!

A full scale revolt, but also a civil war, has emerged against Donald Trump, for the “soul” of the Republican Party, and it insures the massive defeat of the GOP in November!

The National Review, the most prestigious journal in the Conservative community, founded by William F. Buckley, Jr.  in the mid 1950s, has just published an issue calling for the defeat of Donald Trump, and includes many top conservative ideologues, and a few crazies, including Erick Erickson and Glenn Beck.

But others, particularly on radio, including Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Laura Ingraham, and of course, Sarah Palin, support Trump, while others have avoided taking a stand as of yet.

But it is clear that American conservatism is in deep crisis, all to the advantage of progressives, so just sit back and eat popcorn and drink soda, and enjoy the split that is developing!

If either Donald Trump or Ted Cruz is the GOP nominee, the party is totally doomed, and will die a natural death!

To save the Republican Party, only John Kasich or possibly Jeb Bush can save the future, although each has multiple issues, but they can revive the Republican future.

We shall see what happens, and enjoy a rare moment of triumph in the never ending battle of the Left vs the Right!

Speaker Of The House John Boehner In Danger Of Being Unseated By Tea Party Extremists!

Speaker of the House John Boehner is in great danger of being unseated by Tea Party extremists and radical right wing opinion journalists, with RED STATE blogger Erick Erickson leading the charge!

They are concerned that Boehner will make a deal with President Barack Obama on the controversy over the “Fiscal Cliff”, and it has been made clear that if 16 Republicans in the new House of Representatives refuse to back Boehner on January 3, that he could lose his Speakership in a right wing revolt, and likely be replaced by House Majority Leader Eric Cantor.

This situation has been brewing for the past two years, since Boehner has been a conservative who is seen as too much establishment oriented, and has displeased Tea Party wingnuts!

It is clear that the opening of the new Congress will not be dull in any sense!

Conservative Outrage Against Mitt Romney Over Reaction To Barack Obama Campaign Ad On Health Care An Indication Of The Nightmare Facing Romney If He, Somehow, Wins The Presidency!

A campaign ad by a group loyal to Barack Obama, describing the death of a woman who lost her health care under Bain Capital’s takeover and closing of a company her husband had worked for, is causing a literal nightmare for Mitt Romney.

An aide to Romney made the statement today that IF that woman had been in Massachusetts, she might not have died, because she would have had health care!

It is not clear if the aide flubbed in making that statement, or was authorized to do so by Mitt Romney, but it has caused a firestorm of conservative protest today!

Romney has been trying to deny that what was good for Massachusetts is good for the nation on health care, and has campaigned on getting rid of ObamaCare. Now this comment by his aide seems to suggest otherwise!

Rush Limbaugh sputtered when he heard of the comment by the Romney aide. Sean Hannity was angry, and Ann Coulter, a guest on his show was livid, and said why should conservatives campaign for Romney anymore, since he is as unreliable as John McCain was in 2008. Erick Erickson, a leading conservative blogger, also displayed anger and exasperation.

The reaction of these ideologues, in just a few hours after the statement by the Romney aide, is clearly a demonstration of what will happen regularly if Mitt Romney, somehow, wins the Presidency!

Romney will NOT have a day of rest or peace as President from his own party, much of it way to the far right of him!

Were Romney to win, he would be better off with a Democratic Congress, who he could use as a whipping boy when he runs for a second term, but at the same time, he could actually get something done, as he did with an 85 percent Democratic state legislature when he was Massachusetts Governor.

Mitt Romney is probably, secretly, hoping the Tea Party Movement and the far right evangelical Christian influence would just go away, but it will not, and that means a nightmare of massive proportions awaits him if he is elected President on November 6!

Rush Limbaugh, The Republican Party, And Responsibility For Loss Of Presidential Election Of 2012!

When all is said and done, the Republican Party will look back on the loss of the 2012 Presidential Election and blame Rush Limbaugh for the turning point when the election was lost.

But actually it will be their own fault, since they allowed themselves to be held hostage for the past ten years by this bully, this egotistical windbag, this despicable human being who has no limits to his desire to destroy all opposition to his sick, twisted views of the world! And their cowardice and fear of Limbaugh that has prevented them from denouncing him en masse will, ultimately, cost them dearly in November!

George Will and Erick Erickson have recently declared that the Presidential election is over, and that emphasis must be placed on holding on to the Republican House majority and to regain the US Senate.

That is a warning to all who want Barack Obama to have a successful second term to fight tooth and nail, through every means possible, to gain a Democratic majority in the House of Representatives and retain the US Senate.

The Republican Party needs a total defeat, a humiliating loss, to bring them back to the moderate center, and away from the influence of social conservatives and extreme right wing talk show hosts on radio and Fox News Channel!

The Conservative Assault On Mitt Romney Grows: George Will And Erick Erickson

As the conservatives in the Republican Party move from one candidate to another in their search for the ideal conservative nominee for President, Mitt Romney keeps on chugging along with about one fourth of the vote in every national and state poll.

There is absolutely no inspiration or excitement among conservatives for Mitt Romney, with the feeling that he has no principles that he will not abandon in his quest for the Presidency, if it will gain support for his candidacy.

This is a real weakness that Mitt Romney would have to face if he ends up as the GOP Presidential nominee, and more conservatives daily are indicating they would be unable to accept him.

It is also clear that a Romney Presidency would face major hurdles, as if he gains a dominantly conservative GOP majority in Congress, he will have troubles dealing with them, similar to Barack Obama’s troubles.

The irony is that Romney would probably have more support at times from Democrats, although they also would not be willing to give him too many victories, so as to defeat him for reelection.

But first things first, as now in the past ten days,. well respected conservative George Will, and today, conservative blogger Erick Erickson have made it very clear they cannot accept Romney, and think he would lose to Barack Obama in the Presidential Election of 2012, and would take the conservative movement with him down the drain, and that they cannot tolerate.

So one wonders if a third party effort would develop, or if conservatives would just stay home, unenthusiastic and unwilling to vote for Romney, therefore giving Obama the victory.

So with one year to go to the election, and with growing dissatisfaction with front runner Mitt Romney, the odds in favor of Barack Obama seem to be improving!

Herman Cain and Erick Erickson And The Republicans: Reverse Robin Hood!

Herman Cain promotes his 9-9-9 plan, which economists tell us will tax the poor, the sick, the disabled, and the elderly more, while lowering the tax liability of the wealthy much more than it is today!

Erick Erickson, the conservative blogger, mouths what most conservatives and Republicans say, that the 47 percent of the population who do not pay federal income tax need to start paying, and stop expecting the other 53 percent to carry the burden.

The fact that the 47 percent who do not pay federal income taxes DO pay federal payroll taxes in the form of Social Security and Medicare, and also pay state and local income taxes and sales taxes is not considered.

The fact that most of this 47 percent are poor and getting poorer, or are sick, disabled, or elderly is not considered!

There is no consideration of the fact that the wealthy top one percent have 40 percent of the national income!

There is no consideration that the average person of African American or Hispanic ancestry has just FIVE percent of the assets of the average white person!

The fact that millions of Americans are losing their homes, their jobs, and their pensions is not considered, as long as the wealthy are allowed to keep their assets and continue them on the growth pattern.

The conservatives and Republicans are like Scrooge in the Christmas Carol of Charles Dickens.

And they will call themselves “good Christians” while condemning the poor, the disabled, the sick, and the elderly.

In summary, Herman Cain, Erick Erickson and their ilk are modern day Robin Hoods in reverse–taking from those down and out, and giving MORE to the rich and powerful!

Do these people have any soul, any ethics, any morality? How can they often quote the Old and New Testaments in the name of their selfishness and greed?

The whole situation is mind boggling!

The Right Wing Has No Limits: REDSTATE’s War On Conservative Republicans As NOT Conservative Enough!

REDSTATE is a right wing website of blogger Erick Erickson, and seeks to make the Republican Party as right wing as possible, failing to realize that the party will destroy itself if it goes that direction anymore than it is already!

In an entry this morning entitled “Conservatives Stand To Lose Big In 2012”, Erickson declares war on conservative Republicans in the Senate who he claims are not conservative enough!

On his hit list are the following Senators:

Richard Lugar of Indiana
Roger Wicker of Mississippi
Bob Corker of Tennessee

Also, such well known candidates for the Senate as the following are opposed as not conservative enough:

Former Congresswoman Heather Wilson of New Mexico
Former Governor Tommy Thompson of Wisconsin

Ericikson also attacks such former Republican officeholders as former Senator Chuck Hagel of Nebraska, former Governor Charlie Crist of Florida, former Kentucky Attorney General Trey Greyson, and former Congressman Mike Castle of Delaware, treating them as if they are “poison”!

His declaration of war on the above, if successful, will marginalize the GOP to such an extent that it will lose all semblance of being a major political party, and maybe, just maybe, that is his intent, with the replacement of the GOP by an openly Fascist party, a la Benito Mussolini, Juan Peron, or Francisco Franco!