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Jon Huntsman And Ron Paul Shine At CNN National Security Debate, And Newt Gingrich And Rick Santorum Have Some Sensible Thoughts!

CNN held a National Security debate in Constitution Hall in Washington, DC this evening, and it is clear that two laggards in the public opinion polls, former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman and Texas Congressman Ron Paul, shone brightly in the Republican debate.

Both Huntsman and Paul came out against the Patriot Act as a denial of civil liberties, with both warning that losing liberty for security is a bad bargain!

Also, both came out for withdrawing from Afghanistan as soon as possible, and focusing on America’s needs, with Huntsman saying intelligence gathering, special forces, and the use of drones could resolve the problems in Afghanistan, and that having large numbers of troops in a foreign country in the modern world was counterproductive. Paul, of course, came out for American withdrawal from the world, an isolationist nation, which as great as it might sound to many, is totally impractical! Huntsman did not go that far in his comments.

Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum also had moments of good thoughts, with Gingrich arguing that we cannot deport illegal immigrants who have been here for a long time and been lawful, and that children of illegal immigrants who wish to serve in the military should be given the chance to become citizens, in effect supporting the DREAM Act. Meanwhile,Rick Santorum backed foreign aid as important to continue, while Ron Paul called for an end to all foreign aid, not a great position making any sense in the modern world, particularly when foreign aid is only less than one percent of the national budget.

By comparison, Mitt Romney did not do as well as he has in the past, coming across as very hawkish, and hardline on illegal immigration, both views probably part of his plan to attract more support from right wing Republicans and conservative talk show hosts.

Rick Perry, Herman Cain, and Michele Bachmann continued their downward spiral, none of them making any impressive statements during the debate.

So, if all things are equal, we might see the rise of Jon Huntsman and Ron Paul in the public opinion polls, as they both stood out dramatically from the other six candidates!

Police Brutality at University Of California-Davis Against Peaceful “Occupy” Demonstrators: Must Be Condemned And Prevented From Happening Again ANYWHERE!

The shocking action of police at the University of California-Davis against peaceful, nonviolent “Occupy” demonstrators, utilizing pepper spray into their faces, debilitating them, and sending eleven to the hospital, must be condemned by all decent citizens, and prevented from happening ever again ANYWHERE in America!

The police involved must be fired and prosecuted, and the Chancellor who allowed these actions needs to resign!

The right wing is spreading the myth that the “Occupy” demonstrators at Wall Street and in hundreds of other demonstrations all over America are a bunch of bums, drifters, drug addicts, and petty criminals, and that there are widespread crimes, property damage, and sexual activity taking place. Also, it is being claimed that these are just people who want a handout, and don’t want to work.

This is an outrage to attack Americans who have become victims of the Great Recession, and that is most of us in some form, who wish to use their First Amendment rights to call for action against the one percent who control the economy and dominate the national income, with greater stratification than at any time in American history.

If the police and law enforcement authorities are going to react like the Southern states acted toward civil rights demonstrators in the 1950s and 1960s, then there is the danger of a much more violent action, which would be highly regrettable, and is no solution to the issue.

The “Occupy” demonstrators all over the country include students who see no future with their skyrocketing education costs and lack of job opportunities; senior citizens who have seen their pensions and 401 Ks decimated; middle class homeowners who have been foreclosed on, after losing their employment; veterans coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan, who have few opportunities after sacrificing for their country; and every day average Americans who insist on a sense of fairness and equal opportunity for all, not just the wealthy and corporations!

If mayors and college administrators decide to use police in a forceful way against peaceful demonstrators, they should be forced out as working against American traditions of the right of freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, and the right to petition for the redress of grievances!

And those conservative talk show hosts who condemn these demonstrators and condone police violence against them need to be boycotted by all decent Americans, who are tired of their backing of the wealthy and the corporations!

Herman Cain And The Race Card: Hypocrisy To The Extreme!

Herman Cain has long made it clear that he does not think race is a factor in American life, and has shown no concern over the high incarceration rate and poverty rate that African Americans are faced with.

He has been quick to poke fun at Barack Obama as not a true black, but instead at himself as a true black who is against affirmative action, against poverty programs, against any consideration of the horrible social conditions that many people of his race deal with daily.

But yet, as soon as he is attacked for sexual harassment, he pulls a “Clarence Thomas”, claiming he is a victim because he is black, that he is being subjected to a “high tech lynching” and a “witch hunt”, and suddenly the conservative talk show hosts use the race card, while attacking Barack Obama if even a suggestion of Obama’s race is brought up as somehow promoting the “black cause”!

The fact is that Herman Cain, now blaming Rick Perry for what is happening, must come to grips with the fact that such a story would not have come about without substantial evidence, and he is simply trying to blame someone else for his own shortcomings, which include incompetence and ignorance about EVERY subject that he brings up or is questioned about!

Is Herman Cain ready for the “big time”? The answer clearly is NO!

Rush Limbaugh And Other Conservatives Come To Defense Of Herman Cain And Marco Rubio: The Question Is Why?

Conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh and all of the other talk shows hosts of the conservative brand on talk radio and Fox News Channel have rushed to the defense of Herman Cain and Marco Rubio, both of whom have ethical issues that are glaring.

Herman Cain has been accused of sexual harassment, a la Clarence Thomas, and already the chant is, as Thomas called it twenty years ago, that a “high tech lynching” is going on !

In other words, if a conservative African American is involved in inappropriate behavior, suddenly conservatives become “open minded” on the issue of race while utilizing it regularly against President Barack Obama. And also realize that Cain has been accused now of financial misconduct in the manner of raising money for his campaign, all this on top of his constant inconsistency on every issue that is brought up in his campaign.

At the same time, Senator Marco Rubio of Florida has clearly lied about his family’s reason for coming to America from Cuba, manufacturing the false story that they were escaping Fidel Castro, who only came to power two and a half years after his family migrated to the United States. Rubio gained much of his support based on this false family history, but to conservatives, that does not matter, and they come rushing to his defense, while showing anti Latino and anti Hispanic sympathies on the issue of immigration on a regular basis on their radio and television shows.

What hypocrisy, and it is clear the reason for backing these two men is not just because they agree with their political positions, but also as a way to deflect charges of anti black, anti Hispanic, and anti immigrant actions and statements!

“Bush Brain” Karl Rove Alarmed At Disintegration Of Republican Party Represented By Candidacies Of Rick Perry And Herman Cain

Karl Rove, known as the “Bush Brain’, the man who was able to succeed in electing George W. Bush President twice, is alarmed at what he sees as the coming disintegration of the Republican Party.

Rove has denounced Rick Perry and Donald Trump for reviving the “Birther” conspiracy theory about Barack Obama’s birth certificate, and denial that he was born in the United States. He is also alarmed at the ignorance and rhetoric of Herman Cain, who he considers totally unprepared to be President.

Without saying so specifically, it is clear that Rove prefers Mitt Romney as the nominee, particularly since Jon Huntsman so far has not shown any ability to gain support in the polls. Rove is worried that the Republican Party could self destruct in congressional races, due to the image of the party being crazy, looney, and conspiratorial in nature.

And to top it off, conservative talk show hosts and spokesmen, including Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter, have bad mouthed Mitt Romney’s credentials, which along with “Birthers” and Tea Party activists, is a tremendous burden for those, such as Rove, who wish to keep the GOP in the hands of mainstream, rational leadership.

All this is great news for President Obama, as the opposition party tears itself apart.