Terrible Character And Role Model: Donald Trump And The Diminishment Of The Presidency

Donald Trump, in nine months in office, plus his 19 month campaign leading to his election and inauguration, has demonstrated terrible lack of character and decency, and has made a disgraceful role model for children, the nation at large, and the world.

He has diminished the image of the Presidency dramatically, and it will take many decades to recover from this nightmare, which may end soon, but also, might, miraculously survive longer than most observers think.

Trump is not the only President with terrible character and role model image.

We could include Andrew Jackson in this category, along with Andrew Johnson, and Richard Nixon.

All three undermined the office of the Presidency by their maniacal behavior on many issues, but none, not even Nixon, was as reprehensible as Donald Trump has been.

The man has no empathy, sympathy, compassion, decency, or dignity.

Similar to Andrew Jackson, Andrew Johnson and Richard Nixon, he came into office with a chip on his shoulder, despite the fact that he was born to wealth, unlike Jackson, Johnson, and Nixon, all who were born in poor circumstances, particularly the latter two.

There are other Presidents who were narcissists, including Theodore Roosevelt, Lyndon Johnson, and Bill Clinton, but all three had many virtues which lessened the effect of their narcissism.

We will spend many lifetimes and generations trying to figure out what makes Donald Trump tick, but it is clear he is a mentally ill man, very insecure and unhappy, despite his wealth, his beautiful wives and family, and his having made it to the Presidency.

One can expect that ultimately, under attack that makes being President lacking in true enjoyment, that Donald Trump will resign under fire in the Spring of 2018, as the Mueller Special Counsel investigation closes in, and as clear revelations of the corruption of the Presidential Election of 2016, becomes more conclusive.

Mitt Romney: A Bully, Nasty, Cruel! Character Issues Make Him Unacceptable To Be President!

New information has emerged that Mitt Romney, when a teenager at a private boarding school, acted like a bully, and showed nastiness and cruelty toward two students who were perceived as gay, and also showed elderly abuse of a nearly blind teacher.

Of course, some will say: “Oh come on, have a sense of humor, please! Boys will be boys! You cannot hold teenage pranks and wildness against them later on in life!”

Sorry, but that does not ring for this author!

It is NEVER acceptable to be a bully, as we well realize today, when bullying for being gay, or short, or fat, or unattractive, or shy, or whatever, causes misery, depression, and often suicide of the victims! The scars from being bullied can last a lifetime and mar a person’s happiness!

Romney, along with others who feel guilty about what they did, held down a student and forcibly cut his hair, in one case. That is assault, and should have led to expulsion and legal action against the perpetrators, including Mitt Romney.

In another case, Romney made verbally abusive comments about a supposed gay student being a lady, and personal insults can really hurt, and should not be forgiven!

And in another case, Romney was involved in directing a nearly blind teacher into a door and wall, and having a hearty laugh after it, described as “giggly”! This is abuse of and lack of respect for a teacher, and being insensitive toward a disabled, elderly individual!

These are not laughing matters, and what is more infuriating is that Romney NEVER apologized for what he did, and just went about his life feeling no compassion or guilt, and first denied these events had ever happened. Only when a group of boys from that time all testified to the truth of these allegations did he say he did not remember, but wished now belatedly to apologize for his actions 48 years ago. Unfortunately, this is not enough!

This is an issue of character, as much as putting his dog on the top of his car for hours while traveling on vacation, leading to the dog having an “accident”, and telling us about this in a laughing matter, and saying the dog loved being on the car roof! How could he know that? Many people would call it dog cruelty!

This man is arrogant, feels privileged, has lied constantly on so many issues, and has demonstrated a lack of compassion and guilt for his actions. He is a terrible example for children with his bullying, nasty, cruel ways.

This is not just a childhood or teenage prank. It is a question of decency and character, and Mitt Romney fails the test of leadership.

This alone should be a reason to make sure we do not reward him with the office of the Presidency!