Aurora Colorado

Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert Becomes More Of A Lunatic Than Congresswoman Michele Bachmann: No Easy Feat!

Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert of the First Congressional District of Texas is rapidly gaining notoriety as more of a lunatic, more outrageous, than even Congresswoman Michele Bachmann of Minnesota, who was considered to be the leading wing nut in the Republican Party for the past few years.

But Gohmert is challenging her for certain, as with the following examples:

He has stated that women are coming into the nation illegally to have their babies, then take them out of the nation and breed them, as they are growing up, to be terrorists, and to be able to return to the country in 20-30 years to commit terrorist acts!

Barack Obama is a Muslim, and is encouraging terrorism, and hates Christianity and the American way of life!

If the principal and teachers at Sandy Hook Elementary School had only had guns, they could have stopped the massacre of 20 children and six teachers in Connecticut. The same goes for the Aurora, Colorado mass killings in the movie theater, that if patrons had had weapons on them, they could have stopped the mass killer dead in his tracks.

The US government is in cahoots with the Muslim Brotherhood in the Middle East, and is undermining America’s defenses, including Attorney General Eric Holder!

There is no such thing as climate change, and drilling in the Alaska Arctic Wildlife Refuge is a good idea to pursue. And a Trans Atlantic pipeline also encourages caribou to have sex!

Former Congressman Allen West of Florida should have become Speaker of the House for the113th Congress, after his defeat by his constituents.

Having limits on gun magazines is equivalent of gay marriage and bestiality!

Most recently, Gohmert has advocated that a woman must carry full term a pregnancy, in which it is determined that the fetus has no brain function! Gohmert believes the woman has no right to terminate a pregnancy at any point after conception!

Can any sane person NOT see that Gohmert is a total lunatic, and needs to be forced to have a mental examination as to his mental stability?

Gohmert is an embarrassment to his own Republican colleagues, and yet his district keeps electing him, so what does that say about the First Congressional District of Texas?

The Government Responsibility To Provide Support To Victims Of Terrorism And Gun Violence

With the ever widening reality of home grown terrorism of religious and political fanatics of all ideological stripes, we are witnessing more and more victims of terrorism and gun violence, and many of the survivors are left with a lifetime disability, but added onto by unbelievable medical and rehabilitation costs that many cannot handle, and just add to their suffering and emotional turmoil.

The loss of loved ones who have died must also be considered as something that needs to be understood and considered, so therefore, there is a need for a compensation system for victims who are survivors–whether from Virginia Tech, the Tucson shopping center, the Aurora movie theater, the Sandy Hook Elementary School, the Boston Marathon shootings, or any other terrorist or criminal act similar to these in the future.

All of us who are fortunate enough to be able to avoid such tragic circumstances must understand that it is the job of government to be compassionate to victims of crimes, as there “but for the grace of God go I”, even if one is not religious!

The price of terrorism and gun crimes is that we, who avoid those circumstances, must help to pay for and support those who have lost loved ones, or those who live on and suffer for the rest of their lives, while we go about our business!

The price of terrorism must be shared by everyone, and if anyone disagrees, that says a lot about their so called “patriotism”!

The US Senate Vote On Expanded Background Checks For Guns: A Slap In The Face Of Gabby Giffords, Aurora And Sandy Hook!

The Manchin-Toomey Expanded Background Checks Bill to regulate purchase of guns by Al Qaeda terrorists, gang members, rapists and murderers, and mentally unstable people at gun shows and on the internet, went down to a defeat in the US Senate yesterday, only able to gain a vote of 54-46, when 60 votes was needed to overcome the filibuster which holds up action unless that number is reached.

This is a slap in the face of former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords and the others who were victims in Tucson; those killed and wounded in the movie theater in Aurora, Colorado; and the massacre of 20 children and six educators at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut.

It also comes right after the Boston Marathon Massacre, which left three dead and 170 wounded, and it says to the nation that we are not willing to do the simple act of requiring expanded background checks as a minimum.

Four Republicans were courageous enough to oppose the National Rifle Association, while four Democrats were unwilling to do what was right, because of their fear of retribution when they came up for reelection, three of them in 2014.

But as much as one wants to keep his job, if a Senator has no principles except his or her own advancement, it means we have forgotten what our government is all about–doing what is best for the American people, and preserving their security and safety, the first and most important role of any government!

Probably only if these four Democratic Senators and the 42 Republicans who voted against expanded background checks had members of their own families killed or wounded, would they get the message!

This is a sad moment in the history of the US Senate, particularly when up to 90 percent of Americans and 80 percent of gun owners support such expanded background checks to preserve some of the lives of our children and our loved ones!

Victims Of Aurora, Colorado Massacre Also Unable To Afford Life Insurance Or Health Care Coverage In Many Cases, So Victimized In A Different Way!

Twelve people died in Aurora, Colorado, due to the insanity of James Holmes.

It is certain that many did not have life insurance, being young and not concerned about such things, and also unable to afford it, and now their funerals are a financial burden on their families.

Also, 58 people were wounded, many seriously, and it is certain that very few had health care coverage, so for those with severe wounds and lifetime disabilities, they will face a medical bill for life of millions of dollars, not able to be paid by them as things stand, but ruining their credit for life!

We have millions of Americans who mourn what happened in Colorado, but will we see the wealthiest among us volunteer, including Mitt Romney, to contribute to the health care costs and funeral costs of the victims?

The answer is most certainly NO, as those who are fortunate among us have no concern for anything but their mounting wealth, and to avoid taxes!

Why should they contribute to help the needy, when the Republican philosophy is to have no concern for those less fortunate?

This is the biggest scandal of all about this tragedy, and is another argument for the idea that ALL Americans should be entitled to health care, no matter what the cost, as health care should be an entitlement, not a privilege, for all!

NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg Throws Down The Gauntlet To Barack Obama And Mitt Romney: Come Up With A Plan For Responsible Gun Regulation After The Aurora, Colorado Massacre!

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has thrown down the gauntlet to President Barack Obama and Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney to take responsibility for coming up with a plan for gun regulation, in the aftermath of the Aurora, Colorado Massacre last Friday. The fact that a Presidential campaign is on is a perfect time to force the issue to be addressed NOW, not later!

Both candidates and many political leaders of both parties have avoided the subject, as it is seen as toxic, with the tremendous power and impact of the National Rifle Association, arguably the most powerful pressure group in American politics.

But as Bloomberg said, on the average, 12,000 people are murdered every year by gun violence, which adds up to 48,000 in a four year Presidential term.

We lost 58,000 in Vietnam over a period of nine years, it should be pointed out, and here, we would have close to that amount in just four years!

This is inexcusable and unacceptable, and the American people, at least those who are rational and reasonable, demand something be done about this carnage NOW!

Public opinion polls are making it clear that action must be taken soon to attempt to cut down this tragedy in the future, in the most dangerous society on the face of the earth, because of the power of the gun industry, which has no concern other than profits!

Those Against “Reasonable” Gun Control Laws Are Promoting Anarchy And Lawlessness, Undermining Police And Law Enforcement Agencies!

With the horrific events in Aurora, Colorado, on Friday, the Movie Multiplex Massacre conducted by James Holmes, we are seeing conservatives, Republicans, and the National Rifle Association ready to fight to prevent even “reasonable” gun control laws.

Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson, elected with the help of the Tea Party in 2010 over the great progressive Russ Feingold, came out swinging against any gun control legislation, using the same crazy viewpoint of Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert that if others in the audience had possessed guns, they could have stopped the gunman, fully misunderstanding that several people using guns would have likely led to far greater casualties, as no one would know who was the perpetrator, and who was trying to stop him!

Johnson, on Fox News Channel, saying this ridiculous comment, was contradicted by Senator Diane Feinstein of California, who knows the horrors of guns, witnessing the assassination of San Francisco Mayor George Moscone and Supervisor Harvey Milk in 1978.

As Feinstein asserted, there is ABSOLUTELY no reason for ANYONE other than the military and police forces to have access to assault rifles, and magazines of large numbers of ammunition. Handguns and hunting rifles for specific purposes, after a total background check are reasonable, but not AK 47s or other types of rapidly firing machine guns that can kill large numbers of people, as this massacre was conducted two days ago.

This is a struggle that needs to be fought against the unreasonableness of the National Rifle Association, and those Republicans, and even Democrats, who seem to have the belief that we are fighting the Indians on the frontier, or are fighting the Crusades in the Middle East in the medieval period.

A civilized society MUST put controls on guns that are unnecessary, and that only crazy people would wish to possess, as what is the purpose of having assault weapons, except to kill large numbers of people? It is not like a handgun to protect oneself, or a hunting rifle to go hunting for deer, or whatever!

Sanity must be demonstrated, and requires courage by Barack Obama and Mitt Romney and those who understand that if nothing is done, the massacre in Colorado will be repeated with much higher numbers of casualties, far surpassing the all time record of 70 victims which occurred two days ago!

Also ask law enforcement agencies, and one will find that the police see themselves as the front line of possible victims, as even with their own defenses, the widespread ownership of assault weapons endangers their lives, even more than the average civilian!

What Should Happen: A Joint Appearance In Aurora, Colorado Today By Barack Obama And Mitt Romney To Mourn The Victims!

President Barack Obama is going to Aurora, Colorado this afternoon to attend a service to mourn the dead in the Multiplex Movie Theater Massacre, a very appropriate action on his part.

But this is also a moment when his opponent, Mitt Romney, should forgo partisanship and unite with Obama on the podium, shaking hands, and both of them speaking on the dangers of gun violence, and the need for the federal government to do SOMETHING, overcoming partisanship and standing for joint action, based on what is right, not what is political, for once in a long while! And if the National Rifle Association gets angry, so be it, as it is highly unlikely that they will abandon Romney and endorse Obama for President!

Could Obama reject such a bold gesture by Romney, to share the podium with him? Hardly, but it would require real courage, guts, and principle by the former Massachusetts Governor, a profile in real leadership, where neither would gain politically, but both would gain in respect and common decency to unite on what is right to do, not what is politically popular.

But notice that Romney has remained silent, other than an appropriate statement on Friday, but he should surprise everyone and announce he will be there, and will wish to make the mourning for the victims of the gun violence totally non-political!

But don’t hold your breath on this one!

Political Failures: Gun Control And Climate Change

Our country is hungering for real political leadership, and instead, we go from one crisis to another,without any cooperation to bring about solutions.

Someday in the distant future, or maybe not so distant, we will have Americans look back and wonder why the country went into such rapid decline, with such a poor reaction by our political leaders.

We are a nation being torn apart by gun violence, with about 10,000 murders per year by gun, plus thousands more victims of guns by other methods than murder.

When we get a massacre such as the one in Aurora, Colorado, two days ago, we focus on it for a few days or weeks, and then seem to just go back to our old ways of neglecting the issue, and doing nothing about it.

We have corporations, and the political leaders who benefit from favoring them, who do whatever they can to maximize profits, and have no concern about climate change, even when we now see an emerging drought that threatens food supplies and is causing a spike in prices that will harm the middle class and the poor. Sure, the wealthy might have to pay more also, but they have unlimited supplies of money to meet any emergency, just as they had during the Great Depression of the 1930s.

Both gun violence in Aurora, Colorado, and the drought now emerging, on top of floods, tornadoes, forest fires, and hurricanes, threaten our very existence as a nation, and somehow, we must demand from our leaders that they stop promoting themselves, and start dealing with the reality of life in America in the 21st century, or face the danger of chaos and anarchy!