Rick Perry To Leave Texas Governorship And Looks For Divine Guidance On Seeking Presidency in 2016!

Texas Governor Rick Perry, the longest serving Governor in America, and the longest serving Governor in Texas history, announced today that he would not seek a fourth term, after 14 years in office.

Instead, Perry will seek “divine guidance” over the idea of running for President again in 2016.

Isn’t it wonderful that Rick Perry consults God, and is convinced that God and Jesus Christ are Republicans and conservatives, with their mean spirit and desire to control women, promote minimum wage jobs to keep corporations dominant over labor, deny voting rights to large numbers of people who might vote Democratic, and work to keep Hispanics and Latinos from having an impact on the dominant GOP monopoly of Texas politics.

Except for the fact that Texas will see an emergence of an alliance of women, labor, and Hispanics and Latinos that will transform the state over the next decade, with even a possibility that Mayor Julian Castro of San Antonio or State Senator Wendy Davis may be able to bring a Democratic victory to the Governorship in 2014, now that Perry is leaving the scene.

And anyone who wishes to take a bet on a President Perry in 2017 is totally delusional and looney, as Perry already made a fool of himself in the primaries and debates in 2011-2012, and will NEVER be President, and has zero chance to be even the GOP nominee.

For one thing, he has to compete with ego maniac fellow Texas Senator Ted Cruz, along with Senator Marco Rubio of Florida, Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky, and other “fresh faces” in the Republican Party!

Being Governor of Texas is not as great as it sounds, as the state constitution gives little power to the office of Governor, just about the weakest in the entire nation.

Rick Perry will have as much influence on the future as another Rick, another moron, Rick Santorum, former Senator of Pennsylvania, who also came across as divisive, stupid, and actually, like Perry, totalitarian oriented in his views of women.

The Ricks will make for lots of humor and controversy, but neither Rick Perry nor Rick Santorum will even be the GOP nominee for President in 2016, let alone the occupant of the White House, on January 20, 2017!