High Voting Percentage States: All Democratic In Presidential Election Of 2012!

New statistics demonstrate the success of the Democratic Party as the top five high voting percentage states are all Democratic:

New Hampshire

These five states had a voter turnout of 76 down to 70 percent.

It turns out that 17 of the top 20 states in voter turnout voted Democratic, with only North Carolina, Montana and Missouri voting Republican.

If a state had “swing state” status or allowed same day registration on Election Day, voter participation was higher.

Only in four states (Utah,Colorado, Wisconsin, Massachusetts) and the District of Columbia was voter turnout higher than in 2008, an unusual event. Interestingly, Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney seem to have brought out more votes in their home states of Wisconsin and Massachusetts, but both lost their home states, Romney by a landslide, and Ryan losing not only his state, but his Congressional district and home city of Janesville, as well.

Also, California, Texas, and New York, the three largest states but never in play in a Presidential election, had low voter turnout for lack of interest and excitement about the election results.

With most attention being paid to about ten “swing states” where the Presidential elections are decided these days, it may indicate a trend of lower voter turnout, percentage wise, in the future, not a good development for American democracy.

Still, 27 states and the District of Columbia had voter participation rate of 60 percent or more, and only three (Oklahoma, West Virginia, Hawaii) under 50 percent.