Joe Biden And Marco Rubio Starting Early On Presidential Quest For 2016

While Hillary Clinton is avoiding the subject of the Presidency due to her active involvement in policy making continuing for now, with no date set to leave as Secretary of State, her good friend and ultimate rival for the nomination of the Democratic Party, if she seeks the Presidency, Vice President Joe Biden, is leaving no stone unturned in his quest for the Presidency.

Joe Biden has always been a sincere, committed man in public life, so the fact that he visited New Jersey this weekend as a followup to the Hurricane Sandy disaster, as did Barack Obama before leaving on his Asian trip, is not all that unusual. But he did make reference to the fact that he had visited the New Jersey shores when growing up in Scranton, Pennsylvania, and that he was committed to follow through on all necessary aid for restoration and rehabilitation of the coastline of the Northeast that was damaged by the super storm.

Also, Senator Marco Rubio of Florida, already on the short list of many for the GOP nomination in 2016, having come off criticism of Mitt Romney for his “gifts” statement as the reason Barack Obama defeated him, had made plans to visit Iowa, the site of the first vote in 2016, the caucuses at the beginning of January, 2016, His visit on this past Saturday night, supposedly to celebrate Iowa Governor Terry Branstad’s birthday, was obviously a first step toward a candidacy for the White House. He emphasized the importance of immigration reform, and his Hispanic ancestry as a Cuban American is hoped to be a winning point for other Hispanics and Latinos, mostly Mexican Americans, to take a good look at the Republican Party for the next Presidential election.

So there is no respite from politics, as the unofficial campaign for 2016 has begun!