Mitt Romney “Aint” No George W. Bush! So Says Barack Obama, And He Is Right!

The most interesting discussion last night at the second Presidential debate was about Mitt Romney being compared to George W. Bush, the last Republican President.

Romney tried to show how he was different from Bush, and was pretty lame at that exercise.

But Barack Obama took advantage of the situation to say that Bush was not for making Medicare a voucher system; was for a plan for illegal immigrants to become citizens; did not suggest that the government get involved in contraception decisions of women; and was for a more “compassionat” conservatism than Romney!

Imagine–George W. Bush brought to a level where he stands out on some issues as BETTER than Mitt Romney!

There is no case for Romney as President, because he is a totally callous individual, and not likeable, which George W. Bush actually was, by comparison!