Republican Party Fraud In Voter Registration In Florida: Time To Hold Rick Scott And Other State Republican Leaders Accountable!

The Republican Party has been earnestly working to prevent “voter fraud” in all of the states governed by Republican Governors and legislatures, claiming it is widespread.

In actual fact, the only voter fraud going on is by Republicans in many states, trying to prevent senior citizens, college students, African Americans, Latinos and Hispanics, and poor people from their guaranteed right to vote under the Voting Rights Act of 1965!

Fortunately, in most cases, state courts have prevented many of these pieces of legislation, interfering with the right to vote, from moving forward.

But Florida has been one of the worst of all states, cutting down the number of early voting days to only eight, and not including the Sunday before the election, when many black voters go to church and then go to vote, and now cannot do so! Thirty states have already started voting, but Floridians are being denied that until late October.

Florida Governor Rick Scott, who should be in prison for Medicare and Medicaid fraud, has been incessantly working to make voting impossible for many, and yet, it now turns out that a Republican consulting firm has been involved in promoting voter fraud in Palm Beach County and nine other counties in the Sunshine State!

This consulting firm is only registering those voters who say they are Republican! Also, dead people are being registered; fake signatures that look alike for many applications are being submitted; fake addresses, birth dates, and Social Security numbers have been put on the forms; and Democratic registrations have been voided!

A criminal prosecution is being pursued, but this horrible situation demonstrates that the Republican Party in Florida and elsewhere has no limits in their aim to deny people the right to vote, and yet themselves be engaged in what they claim is the reason for restrictive voter registration laws!

The governors of these Republican states, plus the state Secretaries of State responsible for voter registration on the state level, and the Attorneys Generals who “wink” at this illegal activity, need to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law!

Maybe this could be the way to get Rick Scott out of office and in prison, where he belongs! He is a disgrace to his party and to the state of Florida!

Only through voter fraud and voter suppression, and allowing billionaires to spend inordinate amounts of money, can the Republican Party have a chance to win!

It is time to give the right wing extremists the sound defeat they deserve for the Presidency, and both houses of Congress, and in the states having local and state wide elections!