Facts, Not Opinions—Democrats: 42 Million Jobs, Republicans: 24 Million Jobs In Past 52 Years!

People love to give their opinions, and everyone is entitled to their opinions, but NOT to the facts!

So an indisputable FACT is that Democratic Presidents in the past 52 years (under Kennedy, Johnson, Carter, Clinton and Obama )–a total of 24 years, have presided over the creation of 42 million private sector jobs!

At the same time, under Republican Presidents for 28 years of the past 52–four years more—only 24 million private sector jobs were created (under Nixon, Ford, Reagan, and both Bush Presidencies)!

Look at that massive advantage, nearly two thirds of jobs created under Democrats, with four years less in the White House!

One can be sure that there will be those analysts who will try to twist the numbers, but these are facts, not opinions!