Tax Returns: 10 For Vice Presidential Possibilities, Only 2 For Mitt Romney! Is This Not Arrogance?

Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney has refused to give out more than two tax returns–2010, and in October, 2011–as he says that is all that is legally required.

At the same time, it is now revealed that he demanded TEN years of tax returns from Paul Ryan and other Vice Presidential possibilities on his short list.

And other Presidential nominees and Vice Presidential possibilities in the past have regularly given out multiple years of tax returns.

So what Mitt Romney is continuing to say is that he is ENTITLED to set his own rules, and to refuse to provide information that is normally expected, and also to refuse to give specifics on any area of public policy for the future, and that we should trust him!

The answer and will be in November: Sorry, Mr. Romney, but you have shown you are unwilling to be forthright, honest, and transparent! You have taken the attitude of a prima donna, who does not have to follow the rules, and still seems to expect that we, the American people, should entrust you with power and authority and believe in you! However, we are sorry to inform you that you have not met the tests of leadership, and you are, therefore, fired!