Two Distinguished Women Set Records: Hillary Clinton And Susan Collins

America is fortunate to have some women leaders in government who make us proud!

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton recently visited her 100th nation in her role as our chief foreign policy expert in the past three and a half years, surpassing the first woman Secretary of State Madeleine Albright in that regard!

And Maine Republican Senator Susan Collins, just about the ONLY Republican to applaud in the US Senate after the retirement this year of her colleague, Olympia Snowe, and Indiana Republican Richard Lugar, set an amazing record.

Since she came to the Senate in 1997, she has never missed a roll call vote, and just cast her 5,000th vote, quire an achievement.

So in the midst of cynicism about politics, let us salute Clinton and Collins for a job well done, and wish for more such cases among both women and men in our government!