Mitt Romney And “Day One” Promises: A Total Sham!

Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney is the phoniest major party candidate in modern American history, constantly changing his viewpoints and ideas, and expecting us to accept it as part of the nature of “politics”.

But any person who has any common sense or brains knows that Mitt Romney cannot be trusted, or that he believes in ANYTHING, and is not one percent genuine, his biggest problem that will prevent him from being elected President in November.

It is infuriating that he constantly uses the term “Day One” as he pledges action and change from the policies of the Barack Obama Administration!

It seems like every day he is pledging what he will do on “Day One”!

The problem is that he is totally disingenuous, as NOTHING can be done automatically on “Day One”, as it takes legislative action, and bureaucratic movement to change ANY policy, domestic or foreign!

Our government is complex enough that it will take a long time to change policies or programs, as we are NOT a dictatorship where a “President” Romney can issue orders as if he is a tyrant, and even dictators have to deal with bureaucracy and human foibles, and NOTHING gets done instantly, overnight!

It is annoying to hear Romney say that, and it is time that he stop the bull, and admit that policy changes will require much effort by many people over a long period of time, lasting at least a year.

The way Romney speaks, one thinks we should call his program “The First Day”, which according to his propaganda would surpass the “First Hundred Days” of Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1933 at the height of the Great Depression.

It is a totally asinine and loony concept, and it is time to drop it and talk reality, but is Mitt Romney capable of that? One wonders!