Rush Limbaugh’s Apology To Sandra Fluke: NOT Enough!

Conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh, a disgrace for a human being, issued a personal attack this week on law student Sandra Fluke for her testimony on contraceptive availability, calling her a “slut” and a “prostitute”, and demanded that he and others get to see porn movies produced by her sexual activity!

What an insult and a humiliation for any human being to be so labeled by a reckless, irresponsible windbag and propagandist such as Limbaugh!

Only after Limbaugh lost six advertisers for his radio show did he issue a half hearted apology, but this is the manner that Rush Limbaugh uses regularly, and will continue to do so in the future.

The answer is to NOT accept the weak apology, and campaign to have more advertisers withdraw their commercial support of his program, and bring it down completely, unless Limbaugh decided to support his own program with his own fortune, which needs to be taxed much more heavily than it is!

And Sandra Fluke should sue Limbaugh, and attempt to take away as much of the ill earned fortune of Limbaugh as possible. It is certain that there are attorneys who will wish to make Limbaugh’s life miserable, and be willing to support Fluke, only earning their pay IF Limbaugh loses a jury trial for defamation of character.

This man needs to be shut up as a person who spews poison and promotes division for his own aggrandizement!

And we need to realize that Rush Limbaugh is a disgrace to any sense of morality and ethics, and has even outdone Newt Gingrich in having had FOUR wives, to Gingrich’s THREE!

And Mitt Romney’s refusal to comment on the whole matter is despicable, and demonstrates once again that he has no guts, no courage, no principle, other than his own advancement!

And for Rick Santorum to just use the word “absurd” for what Rush Limbaugh said is also disgraceful!

And kudos to Ron Paul for saying that what Rush did was in “poor taste”! He shows more guts than any of the other GOP candidates for President!