Romney Candidacy In Crisis In Midwest And South

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney is facing a crisis in the next two weeks that he may not be able to overcome, and may doom his Presidential candidacy.

On February 28, he faces the challenge of former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum in Michigan, Romney’s home state, and right now, Santorum is leading in the state of the auto industry which Romney promoted to go bankrupt, and is instead having a major renaissance.

On March 7, he faces challenge from former House Speaker Newt Gingrich in Georgia, Gingrich’s home state, and Tennessee and Oklahoma, as well as in Ohio, where Santorum is surging.

If Romney cannot win Michigan and Ohio, leading Midwestern states, and Georgia, Tennessee, and Oklahoma, major southern and border states, then his candidacy is in its last throes.

As it is, the battle for a majority of delegates at the Republican National Convention in Tampa in August is certain now to drag on into the late spring or early summer, not exactly what Mitt Romney believed would happen when he entered the race for the Presidency!