Good Riddance, Rick Perry! Don’t Let The Swinging Door Hit You On The Way Out!

So Rick Perry has exited the GOP Presidential nomination race, and not too soon!

An embarrassment to himself and his state, he made one start to admire another former Texas Governor, George W. Bush, which demonstrates just how mediocre Rick Perry proved to be.

Here is a man who:

1. Suggested that his state might secede from the Union.
2. Said South Carolina was at “war” with the federal government.
3. Called Social Security a “Ponzi Scheme” and a “monstrous lie”, knowing that he was lying through his teeth.
4. Proposed re-invasion of Iraq.
5. Said Medicare is unconstitutional.
6. Said President Barack Obama is a socialist, knowing that was a lie too.
7. Could not remember the cabinet agencies he wanted to eliminate.
8. Allowed a likely innocent man to be executed, rather than investigate the issue further, in order to show how tough he was.
9. Had miserable debate performances, showing lack of knowledge and details.
10. Has the thought that he might reconsider running for President in 2016, the ultimate example of narcissism and egotism.

Rick Perry, don’t let the swinging door hit you on the way out! Good riddance!