The Absolutely Worst Congress In Modern American History: The 112th Congress, First Session!

The first session of the 112th Congress stands out only negatively: as the Congress which did nothing to unite the American people, solve problems, promote cooperation with the President; or avoid crises. Instead, the GOP majority in the House of Representatives under Speaker of the House John Boehner was unable to work to create jobs or show willingness to cooperate at all with the President.

Meanwhile, the Senate, technically under Democratic control, had its 47 Republican member minority abuse the filibuster and even utilize the threat to use it, so as to make it impossible to accomplish any legislation, or any cooperation with the White House.

Only when Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky realized that his party was looking badly on the middle class tax cut continuation issue did he take action to force the Republican majority in the House to give in and prevent a tax increase, which would have been political suicide.

The Tea Party Caucus of about 80 members promoted destructive behavior and an anti government anarchism that is totally terrifying.

Only if McConnell and Boehner decide to fight letting one third of their caucus to continue their “blackmail” over the leadership of their party in both houses of Congress, will they get elected to a majority in the Congressional Elections of 2012. To expect any action of positive nature from the 112th Congress is a dream not to be fulfilled as things stand right now.

It is odd that the disaster of the 112th Congress comes after the very successful 111th Congress, the best since the 89th Congress of 1965-1966!