Dispute Between Chris Christie And Eric Cantor On Disaster Relief: The Splintering Of Republican Unity!

After the disastrous flooding damage that has been visited on New Jersey and Vermont, in particular, after Hurricane Irene, a dispute has developed between New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, one of the “darlings” of the Tea Party Movement and conservative Republicans, and House Majority Leader Eric Cantor of Virginia.

Cantor has been saying that budget cuts to match disaster relief funds must be negotiated before aid can be dispensed, a stand that led the usually blustery Christie to make clear that such a stand was unacceptable, while people in his state waited for weeks or months for aid to recover from the hurricane.

On this, of course, Christie is absolutely right, and already it seems that Cantor may be bending, as it is MORALLY corrupt to take such a stand in a time of trouble!

The splintering of Republican unity has begun, as even the Tea Party Governors, having to deal with reality on the ground, are not going to be able, politically, to take the harsh stand that Congressional House Republicans are taking, sitting on their “thrones”, pontificating on the virtues of cutting spending in the face of terrible human suffering!

This dispute and split is great for the Democratic Party and President Barack Obama, as it will help to portray the GOP as the party of the elite rich, which only cares about the welfare of the wealthy among us, so let’s give a salute to Chris Christie for speaking up for his beleaguered citizens, and hope, at the same time, that Eric Cantor and his ilk, including Paul Ryan, take their “lumps” over this outrageous stand against quick hurricane relief!