Obama Still At 49 Percent In Public Opinion Polls Despite Pessimism About Economy: Why Is That So?

President Barack Obama remains popular in the nation, despite the high unemployment rate and the gloomy prognosis about the economic future.

In the latest poll, he stands at 49 percent, a high rating considering the economic situation, and never really has been lower than 47 percent, while his predecessors in office often rated much lower, particularly when economic times were tough.

The question is why this is so!

Part of it is the simple fact that the American people like the President and believe he cares about them.

But also, when the American public looks at the choices offered by the Republican opposition in the Presidential race, they are not enthusiastic, as who is there to be excited about?

There are no thrilling, dynamic candidates who inspire people, and most of the candidates are seen as extreme in their views, and the American people as a whole do not like extremes.

So even with a poor economy, Obama is in good stead as the Presidential battle of the GOP develops for 2012!