The Real Sarah Palin: Clueless, Ignorant Mediocrity!

We have heard so much about Sarah Palin, the former Governor of Alaska and GOP Vice Presidential nominee in 2008, but the more we learn, the more we realize how fortunate we are that John McCain lost the 2008 election. We also can see that anyone who thinks this woman is qualified to run for President is just like her: a clueless, ignorant mediocrity, and I am trying to be a gentleman! 🙂

On Sixty Minutes, McCain Aide Steve Schmidt informed Anderson Cooper that Palin did not understand why there was a North and South Korea; thought Saddam Hussein had attacked the United States on September 11; had trouble with Joe Biden’s name, calling him O’Biden, so was told in the Vice Presidential debate to call him “Joe”; and that she promoted untruths and came across as inaccurate much too often.  Also, she stated to Schmidt that her nomination was part of “God’s plan”!

How anyone can take her seriously, or even spend money and stand in line to buy her book, in which she blames everyone for her own shortcomings and refuses to take responsibility for anything about the campaign, is absolutely amazing!