Day: April 9, 2020

Donald Trump Politicizing CoronaVirus Pandemic, Rather Than Taking Responsibility For Greatest Loss Of Life In Short Time In American History

Donald Trump is politicizing the CoronaVirus Pandemic, as he is more concerned about his reelection in November, than he is about the greatest loss of life in a short time in American history.

He is a total failure as a crisis leader, and by all rights, he should resign in disgrace, and let Vice President Mike Pence, who at least is acting with civility and some sense of responsibility, take over and try to resolve the crisis over the next months.

But Donald Trump’s ego will not allow him to admit his guilt in this disaster, and will never put the nation before his own ambitions and lust for power.

For that, he will be condemned in history, and punished by God in the future!