Day: February 11, 2017

“Progressive Professor” Blog after 8.5 Years: 5,500 Entries, 22 Million Words!

My “Progressive Professor” blog began on August 11, 2008, so today it reaches a milestone, as it has been in existence for 8.5 years.

Why mention this?

Because as of yesterday, there have been 5,500 entries over these 8.5 years, and figuring an average of 400 words per entry (with many being much longer, and some being shorter, so averaged out to 400 words as a general assumption), the total number of words published is about 22 MILLION!

That is about four times the length of Leo Tolstoy’s famous novel, WAR AND PEACE, often called the lengthiest published work, although there actually are some books longer than that classic.

Also, this author has published 55 articles and counting on (HNN) since the beginning of 2016, with each an approximate length of 1,000 words, so that is another 55,000 words in less than 14 months. All of those articles are found on the right side of the blog, and can be accessed easily.

I have enjoyed this commitment to writing, but I wish to point out that I have received no remuneration for either the blog or the HNN articles, and do it out of passion and principle, and hope to continue both activities for many years to come.

So this is a day to celebrate, and I thank my loyal readership for their commitment, and for their many contributions to the blog.