Day: June 26, 2012

The Emerging Campaign For Condoleezza Rice For Vice President

Former Secretary of State and National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice is rapidly emerging in political discussion as a leading candidate for Vice President with Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

Rice attended the Republican gathering of top advisers, leaders, and campaign contributors in Utah this past weekend, and it was said that Rice’s speech electrified the gathering.

Condoleezza Rice is very much respected for her foreign policy experience and expertise, and Mitt Romney desperately needs a heavy hitter in foreign policy. One can imagine a very exciting debate between Rice and Vice President Joe Biden, himself a foreign policy specialist in his background and experience.

Rice is also very intelligent, and being African American and a woman, would make her very appealing, although it would not mean that either group would swing to Romney in the election coming up this fall.

Rice is a non politician, who has never run for public office, and if she ran with Romney, the two together would have the least elective experience of any Presidential team in many decades, not a good thing, since Romney only has one term as Governor of Massachusetts.

Rice running would also bring up the skeletons of the George W. Bush Administration, also not a plus.

Also, Rice is a social moderate, and has supported gay rights and abortion rights in the past, so the religious Right would have problems with her in those regards.

It is quite clear that Rice seems to have no interest in running, and unlikely she would be asked, but if one was to look simply at who would be the best person to serve in the office of Vice President of the many mentioned–Chris Christie, Bob McDonnell, Paul Ryan, John Thune, Rob Portman, Tim Pawlenty–, Condoleezza Rice would be the best Vice President on pure qualifications.

But don’t hold your breath that she will run, or become Vice President under President Romney, as the chances of his winning the White House are not good, and not getting any better!

Trying To Decipher The “Republican” Brain: Crazy, Lacking In Reality And Ethics

Republicans used to be a reputable major political party, and have a lot to be proud of in their history of 158 years.

But there is little to be proud of in 2012, as Republicans seem to have lost their minds, their ethics, their morality, their ability to understand reality!

How else to explain the following:

A vast majority of Republicans believe Barack Obama was born in Kenya, is a Muslim, is a Socialist, a Fascist, a Communist, and wishes to destroy America.

The deficit issue began with Barack Obama, ignoring $2 trillion investment in failed wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and $1.3 trillion in tax cuts to the top two percent of the population under George W. Bush.

The Federal budget can be balanced with only program cuts, not tax increases ever again.

Global warming is a hoax, and evolution is just a theory, and God will always protect all of us from harm from the climate, and mankind walked the earth alongside dinosaurs.

Iraq caused September 11, and we found Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq.

Since there is no body, how do we know that Osama Bin Laden was really killed by US Navy Seals?

Contraception is evil, and knowledge to adolescents about sex is evil, and it is all a plot to promote gay sex and abortions.

All Hispanics and Latinos are illegal immigrants, and they are all criminal elements that must be deported en masse.

Barack Obama is easily the most corrupt President we have ever had in American history, including Richard Nixon, and George W. Bush.

The collapse of Wall Street in 2008 was due to too much regulation, and was caused by Democrats and liberals.

The entire New Deal and Great Society is unconstitutional, and needs to be repealed, and return us to the days of states rights, instead of a powerful national government.

America was designed to be a theocracy, and we are a Christian Republic, and if we follow Jesus Christ, we will be just fine.

Science is atheism, and should be dismissed as propaganda to turn America away from God and Jesus Christ.

The list goes on, but this is enough to tell any sane person that the GOP has gone amuck in its craziness about the real world we live in!

The John Roberts Legacy Hanging On Tenterhooks As Health Care Decision Nears!

Chief Justice John Roberts is reported to be writing the majority opinion for Thursday’s Health Care decision on “ObamaCare”.

Coming on top of his siding with Anthony Kennedy and three liberals on the Court on the immigration case, many observers sense that he and Kennedy will again be in the majority with the four liberals on the Court, and decide in favor of “ObamaCare”.

If Roberts does so, it will transform him immediately into one of the giants of the 17 Chief Justices of the Supreme Court historically.

If he does not do so, he is doomed to a negative role in judicial history, and will be seen by many observers as a failure as a Chief Justice.

The choice is that stark, as this case is the most important since Bush V. Gore, and follows the disastrous Citizens United Case, tragically upheld again yesterday in a Montana case on straight party line and ideology.

Roberts’ reputation is already in trouble, but could be resurrected by an open minded attitude toward health care as covered under the interstate commerce clause.

Roberts, it is said, worries about his and the Court’s reputation, and even if he serves another 20 years, he will never outlive the disappointment and turmoil that will occur if the Court rejects “ObamaCare”.

Since he seems to be a strong believer in federal power, as shown yesterday in the immigration case and the juvenile murderer case, we expect him to come down on the right of the federal government to regulate health care, and require a mandate, a demand that all citizens have health care coverage, if they wish to gain health care when needed, rather than sponging off those of us who have paid for health care.

The actual mandate would be the equivalent of about $15 a week, equivalent of one person having one meal per week at a restaurant, or half a tank of gasoline. Is this too much to ask of all citizens? The answer is NO!

Chief Justice Roberts: We are watching you!

Downsizing, Outsourcing, Offshoring: Mitt Romney’s Economic Plan!

Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney loves to say he KNOWS how to run an economy and create jobs, but his record in Massachusetts as Governor from 2003-2007 shows otherwise, with one of the worst economic records as chief executive of that state.

Better to look at his record as the head of Bain Capital, where he was able to multiply his wealth to a quarter of a billion dollars by downsizing companies, outsourcing jobs, or what Romney calls offshoring jobs to other countries, and not giving a whit about the effect on thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of workers in various industries and companies.

Mitt Romney reminds many of their “boss”, and no one likes their “boss” enough to vote for him to do to America what he did in private enterprise.

The Obama campaign is exploiting this matter for all it is worth, and it is a deadly blow to the Romney campaign, as we do not want another Herbert Hoover, who was so rich and uncaring that he multiplied the disaster of the crash on Wall Street in 1929, bringing us Franklin D. Roosevelt!