Day: June 19, 2012

Barack Obama Scores A Coup On Illegal Immigration, Leaves Mitt Romney Befuddled!

President Barack Obama has really scored a coup with his announcement of giving young undocumented youths a reprieve, allowing them the ability to plan their futures in America for at least two years, while hopefully there will be resolution of the issue of illegal immigration in Congress by 2014.

Obama took the country by surprise, and has totally befuddled Mitt Romney and the Republican Party.

A Bloomberg poll shows 64 percent of those polled support what Obama is doing, and 65 percent of Independents!

And conservatives Bill O’Reilly, George Will, and Bill Kristol came out in support as well, imagine that!

Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky said he would leave it to Romney, as the titular leader of the party until November, to take a firm stand on what his view on the issue is, but here it is four days and Romney has been floundering on the issue, being his usual vague self, as he was with Bob Schieffer on Face The Nation on CBS on Sunday!

What Obama has done is the right thing to do, and strengthens him with the Hispanic and Latino vote in many states, making his chances of re-election much more likely!

It is still a reality, that the Republican Party will never win national power long term if they refuse to accept Hispanics and Latinos as a major player in future American poltiics!

Ironic That Senator John Kerry Will Act As Mitt Romney In Preparation Of Barack Obama For Presidential Debates This Fall!

It is extremely ironic that Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts, the 2004 Democratic Presidential nominee, will be the “stand in” for Mitt Romney in Barack Obama’s preparations for the three Presidential debates which will take place this fall.

Kerry must be thinking he is reliving the Presidential battles of 2004, when he was called an elitist because of his own and his wife’s great fortune, his awkwardness and stiffness, coming from the same state as Romney, and the charges of being a “flip flopper” on many issues, just like Romney.

Kerry knows Romney better than many, being that they both represented the same state, and it is rumored that Kerry can help Obama a great deal on the debate tactics, and that the reward might be the offer of becoming Secretary of State in a second Obama Administration, since Hillary Clinton has made it clear that she wishes to retire from the State Department next year, and a Kerry appointment should make it through without much trouble due to Senatorial courtesy.

Kerry has been the Chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and is superbly qualified to become the next Secretary of State, without any doubts.

Of course, comparing Kerry’s record in politics up to 2004, and since, there is no comparison that can be made between him and the comparatively thin record of Mitt Romney, but Kerry understands Romney probably better than any Democrat, so will be a great help to Barack Obama in scoring wins over Romney in the Presidential debates!