Day: June 13, 2012

The Future Is What Matters, Not the Past: Message To Barack Obama!

President Barack Obama has been having a rough patch lately, and many people in his own party, as well as the Republican opposition, have been critical of his criticisms of the Bush Presidency, saying it is time for Obama to stop blaming Bush and take responsibility for mobilizing the nation to a better future!

While one needs to talk about history, that will not be enough to win the Presidential election this fall!

Instead, what must be done is demonstrate to the American people what the future will be, contrasting his own vision and hopes, looking to make America a better, fairer place for all, and show how Mitt Romney will be unsympathetic to the problems of the vast majority of Americans, and is only going to take us back to the Gilded Age and 1920s, and creating the greatest maldistribution of wealth in a century.

If the majority of middle class people, suffering and declining rapidly, can be made to understand that Mitt Romney has no clue as to how to create jobs, and to understand that Wall Street and wealthy billionaires have no one except themselves that they care about, then Barack Obama will sweep to victory in November by a massive margin!

Obama must be on the offensive in painting the gloomy future of a Romney Presidency, and the gloves must come off and stay off, and be replaced by a punching, aggressive manner! Being a nice guy will not work, and Obama will have more respect if he fights like Franklin D. Roosevelt and Harry Truman did in the 1930s and 1940s!

We need a “Give Them Hell” Barack Obama and fast!

Florida Pastor Terry Jones: Religion Gone Too Far! The “Lynching” Of Barack Obama At His Gainesville Church!

Florida Pastor Terry Jones, who created an uproar over his plan to burn a Koran, causing widespread anti American riots in the Middle East, has now gone even further, and in a way that requires investigation by the Secret Service, the FBI, and the Justice Department for prosecution of a hate crime!

Outside his church in Gainesville, Florida, hangs an effigy of President Barack Obama being lynched, and this is NOT freedom of religion, and requires action, prosecution and prison time for this maniac pastor!

The lynching image of this effigy reminds us of the ugly past in Florida and other Southern, and even some Northern states, and we have passed the time when we can stand by and call it freedom of speech and freedom of religion!

This man needs to be put away because he incites hatred and bloodshed and violence, and is a very evil, sick man who needs psychiatric and psychological intervention, and a long stint in prison to take him off the streets, and stop poisoning congregants with his hate activity that advocates violence!

Return From Vacation To Horrible News! Mitt Romney, And The Ugandan Catholic Bishops!

Having just returned from vacation in Charleston and Savannah, and only having contributed one entry about the Wisconsin recall election results while on vacation, the author returns to horrible news, making one wonder about humanity!

Mitt Romney has made it clear that if the Supreme Court rules against the Obama Health Care law later this month, he will not protect the millions with preexisting conditions, who would, effectively, left out of health care by such an action.

Romney has also made it clear that he feels the message of Wisconsin is that the American people do not wish to fund more jobs for badly needed teachers, firefighters, and police officers, an unbelievable conclusion based on one state’s results, and a slap in the face of the American people, and the honorable professions that are so essential to the nation, and are being treated as if they are “servants” who can be hired and fired as Mitt Romney loves to do with everyone, due to his obscene wealth, greed, and selfishness!

Mitt Romney is becoming worse by the day, a true monster who comes across as the worst GOP nominee in American history, with his lack of humanity or concern for the needs of the American nation!

The thought that this man without a conscience could actually become President is totally sickening!

But then, the news gets worse, as we learn that in Uganda, the Catholic bishops are endorsing legislation to kill gays or put them in prison for life, a bill already promoted by the evangelical Christian movement, and setting up a situation that would lead to a Holocaust not that different than the one in World War II against gays, as well as Jews and other groups, which was ignored by the then Pope Pius IX!

Pope Benedict XVI needs to condemn this endorsement immediately, and crack down on the Catholic bishops of Uganda, but will he? He is condemning the “radical” statements of nuns who are promoting a open mindedness on many issues within the Church, so can one be assured that he will take steps to crack down on the hate of the Ugandan Catholic bishops?

This is just more proof how organized religion has lost its humanity, and is about to make gays the new victims of a modern day Holocaust in the name of God!

This news about Mitt Romney and the Ugandan bishops is enough to make one wish to go back on vacation, and shut out the cruel world we live in!