Day: December 12, 2011

Newt Gingrich: Lover Of Chaos, Tumult, Turmoil, Divisiveness. And Rhetorical Bomb Thrower!

The ABC debate in Iowa on Saturday night demonstrated clearly that Newt Gingrich has not changed, and has no desire to change!

He is reveling in being a “bad boy’, and it seems as if the Republican base is eager for such a candidate.

Gingrich revels in promoting chaos, tumult, turmoil, and divisiveness, and is a constant rhetorical bomb thrower!

Mitt Romney is a “nice guy” and even says that Barack Obama, while judged a failure by Romney, is also a “nice guy”, and that he will not attack the personality or character of the President, just his policies. Romney also says that attacking in a vicious way is no way to win the election, and that it will not succeed.

Romney is more than ever becoming the Nelson Rockefeller of this election against a combination of Barry Goldwater, Richard Nixon and Joseph McCarthy in Newt Gingrich!

But even Barry Goldwater and Richard Nixon were never as outrageous in their rhetoric as Gingrich is, so Gingrich is more like Joseph McCarthy, who had no limits to his willingness to DESTROY the opposition! Like McCarthy, he has no scruples at all in his lust for power!

So Newt Gingrich is displaying himself as a real danger to the American nation, and can be seen as more dangerous than any previous candidate for President, as he would destroy any sense of civility in his search for power!

And more than ever, the thought of a President Gingrich is terrifying, and guaranteed to lead to corruption and scandals and a country in much greater trouble in all respects than it is now, or has ever been, at least since the Great Depression and the Civil War!

Gingrich must be stopped at all costs for the survival of America as a country of freedom and justice, and to avoid warfare all over the globe!