Month: November 2011

Should John Hinckley Be Rewarded With More Freedom And Eventual Parole? NO! Should Sirhan Sirhan Be Allowed Parole? NO!

Two infamous assassination efforts against a President and a Presidential candidate, with one person being in a mental hospital and the other in a prison for a long time, has led to these individuals applying for more freedom and less control, and for parole, respectively. Neither should be allowed to win his case!

John Hinckley, who shot President Ronald Reagan on March 30, 1981, has already been allowed the right to visit his family and stay away from the mental hospital under family supervision for periods of time, but now wants no supervision and less monitoring, and as much as 24 days away from the hospital at a time. This should NOT be allowed in any form! Nancy Reagan opposed the amount of freedom he has already been granted, and she is absolutely correct in her feelings!

Sirhan Sirhan, the assassin of Senator Robert F. Kennedy, who was considered a likely winner of the Democratic nomination for President in 1968 had he lived, and thought to have been likely to have defeated Richard Nixon for the Presidency, has applied for parole. But the heinous act that he engaged in on June 5. 1968, should NOT be excused to allow him freedom at any time!

When an assassin tries to kill, or succeeds in murdering a President, or a Presidential candidate, he or she should lose his or her right to freedom at any point, because this is not just a murder, but affects the history of the country! One does the crime, one pays the time in loss of freedom forever!

The Unbelievable Narcissism And Egotism Of Four Republican Presidential Candidates!

For anyone to decide to run for President of the United States, it requires a high level of narcissism and egotism! There is no debate about that at all!

But when you have four Presidential candidates out of eight on the GOP side having obsessively high levels of narcissism and egotism despite good reasons to consider the effect of what they are doing, it makes one want to puke!

Rick Santorum has a critically ill daughter, dying from a genetic disease. His wife desperately needs him to help her, and he should be spending his time, since he does not need to work, tending to his daughter, showing his love for her, and do whatever he can to alleviate the stress on his wife and other children, some of whom wish he was not running. His narcissism and egotism allow him to ignore or excuse his reprehensible behavior!

Rick Perry has demonstrated that he has no knowledge, no understanding of what the Presidency involves, but because he has money, and a tremendous level of narcissism and egotism, he is willing to make a fool of himself and make us all “shake our heads” in disgust!

Herman Cain also lacks knowledge and understanding of really ANY issue, is totally unqualified to be President, and has the gall, due to his high level of narcissism and egotism, to run a campaign on a lie, that he is loyal to his wife, who has, apparently, no clue to the fact of his adultery and infidelity! One would think that he would realize that he would be found out, and then he has the nerve to lie through his teeth and deny it all! Absolutely amazing!

And then, there is Newt Gingrich, the most qualified on paper of the four supreme narcissistic and egotistical candidates in this group, but has no shame about his past adultery and infidelity; has had ethicai violations when Speaker of the House; loves himself to the extreme and cannot stop bragging about his abilities, talents, knowledge, and connections; and does not work well with others, and has a divisive, confrontational, aggressive personality that bodes ill for working with Congress, being willing to deal with the news media, and is a terrifying thought in foreign policy! But Newt has no shame and makes a total fool of himself by his vanity and lack of modesty!

Why is it that we cannot have the Republican Party come up with quality candidates–as only Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman are–and get rid of the others who are wasting their and our time, and putting their obnoxious egos on display, and showing a level of selfishness and greed that is an embarrassment to our electoral system?

What we need is a serious debate between the only truly qualified candidates in the GOP field, Romney and Huntsman, but we cannot do that as long these four characters, along with Michele Bachmann and Ron Paul, who because of their own weaknesses, have a ZERO chance of being nominated, finally get out of the race, which, sadly, is not going to happen anytime soon!

Here We Go Again: Republicans Want Tax Increase For Middle Class And Don’t Care About Unemployed Millions!

The Republican Party, which wants constant tax cuts for the top two percent and for corporations, is making clear its unwillingness to support a continuation of the payroll tax cut of 2 percent on Social Security to help middle class families, by continuing an average $1000 tax cut over the payroll year, which will expire at the end of the year.

At the same time, the fact that we have more long term unemployed than we have ever had since the 1930s does not phase the party, which is against an extension of unemployment compensation for those who have been out of work for more than 99 weeks, feeling that the lack of jobs is not the issue, but the “lazy” attitude of workers who would rather collect a check than go to work!

What an outrage to call for tax increases at a difficult time, and to have no concern if the unemployed are homeless, starving, and have no medical care!

We are seeing the Republican Party going back to the concept of the 19th century Social Darwinists–basically having no concern for the unfortunate, including millions of children, about 25 percent of all children, taking the view that poverty and deprivation is a character flaw in those people, and basically, let them starve, as that would help, somehow, to produce a better society!

Shame on the GOP, and the voters in 2012 will richly reward them for such hardhearted attitudes by throwing them out of office!

Rick Perry And Newt Gingrich: More “Shaking Of Heads” In Wonderment!

Texas Governor Rick Perry and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich continue to amaze, and in the process promote the “shaking of heads” in wonderment!

Fast fading Perry made a speech to a group of young people, and told them that if they were 21 by Election Day 2012, they should be sure to vote, apparently not aware of the 26th Amendment in 1971, which allows those citizens 18-21 to vote!

He also said that Election Day was November 12, 2012, which if people listen to him means they would be failing to participate in the election, as it is six days earlier, on November 6, 2012! He attributed his errors to his “age”, which means he is not fit to be President, and by the way, he is only in his early 60s, not an “old man” by definition!

At the same time, Newt Gingrich claims he was not acting as a lobbyist for various corporations, including in the health care industry, but instead was being paid for his expertise as former Speaker of the House, by earning $65,000 for half hour speeches, and made too much money as a lecturer, so did not need to be a lobbyist. What can one say to that, except that the author of this blog earns at the most a fee of $250 per hour speech as compared to Newt making $130,000 per hour, if he is able to have the energy to go beyond a half hour speech!

While Newt could say he has a Ph. D. in History and has been a professor and author, that kind of fee is really unbelievable, and makes this author, with the same credentials except being Speaker of the House, realize that IF with his expertise and knowledge, he could have ONE speech for an hour at Newt’s rate, he could relax for the rest of the year, without the materialistic need to make money of obscene amounts, and then claim to understand the average American!

So the “shaking of heads” about both Perry and Gingrich continues to “shake”!

Are Progressives Going To, For A Fourth Time, Harm The Democratic Party Out Of Dissatisfaction With Imperfections Of Their Leadership?

Progressives and liberals have often, by their expectations of perfection from Democratic Party leadership, brought about a result far worse–a conservative Republican takeover!

This occurred in 1968, when discontent over the war in Vietnam convinced many on the Left to bad mouth and abandon Vice President Hubert Humphrey, and the result was President Richard Nixon!

In 1980, discontent with President Jimmy Carter led to abandonment by many progressives, and the result was President Ronald Reagan!

In 2000, dissatisfaction with the imperfections of Vice President Al Gore led to the election of President George W. Bush!

Of course, Barack Obama has not followed through on all his promises and pledges in 2008. He has disillusioned many progressives and liberals who believed he would accomplish everything he spoke about in the campaign.

But that is totally unrealistic, and the fear is that if there is an abandonment of the President, we could end up with President Mitt Romney or President Newt Gingrich, the two most likely choices at this point, at least, in the Republican nomination race. Of course, anyone else except Jon Huntsman would be even worse!

When, oh when, are those on the Left going to understand, finally, that there is no perfection, but that Barack Obama is far preferable to anyone the Republican Party might run!

it is time for the discontented to get on the ship, and be thankful for what Barack Obama has managed to achieve, the most since the Great Society of Lyndon B. Johnson in the 1960s!

Rapidly Worsening Relations With Iran And Pakistan: A Concern For America And The West

It is ironic that America has fought two wars in the past decade in Iraq and Afghanistan, both far from decisive, and now the reality is that the nations most to be concerned and worried about are their neighbors, Iran and Pakistan.

Iran has been clearly developing a secret nuclear weapons program, has been supporting Hezbollah and Hamas against Israel, and has become more and more belligerent as sanctions have been utilized against them. They are, in many ways, a much greater threat than either Iraq or Afghanistan ever were. And now, Iranian students have stormed the British embassy, done property destruction, and installed an Iranian flag in place of the British flag, and as the situation unfolds, it reminds one of the American embassy seizure in 1979 under the administration of President Jimmy Carter.

Pakistan, which harbored Osama Bin Laden for years, and has had connections to Al Qaeda and the Taliban for a long time, and whose secret service has worked against American interests in Afghanistan, has reacted aggressively against a NATO strike in Pakistan, part of an anti terrorist counteroffensive, by cutting off cooperation in allowing US and foreign forces to use their air space and roads in military operations in Afghanistan.

It is clear that relations with Pakistan are rapidly deteriorating, a dangerous situation since Pakistan has over 100 nuclear weapons, and in the wrong hands, could be utilized against India, or NATO forces in the area.

The Absolute Gall Of Herman Cain: Time To Get Out Of The Presidential Race!

Herman Cain has proved to have more gall, more chutzpah, than anyone running for President on the Republican side of the aisle!

This man has yet another woman claiming inappropriate behavior by him, and this time, it is not him making a pass at women who did not wish it, but rather a woman who claims a THIRTEEN year affair with Herman Cain, and all Cain can say is that it is not true! One should feel sorry for Cain’s wife, who obviously does not know her husband and his proclivities. It is time for him to drop out of the Presidential race as he is becoming a burden to the party image.

But beyond that, Herman Cain has shown absolutely no understanding, no knowledge, no depth on foreign policy, economic policy, and really, just about every subject he is queried about by reporters. Even yesterday, on CNN, he totally confused Candy Crowley about his stand on numerous issues, as he says something, and then seems to contradict what he just said, and claims he is being misinterpreted!

If he cannot adequately explain what he is declaring, then he cannot be a good communicator to the public and to foreign nations, and this is not a laughing matter!

Additionally, Herman Cain had stage 4 colon cancer five years ago, and miraculously has gone into remission since, but seriously, should such a diagnosis be considered acceptable for someone to run for President, when the odds are that he might not live for another five years, to the end of the term he would be elected to? Is this responsible behavior, or is it a massive ego, who has delusions of grandeur that he is the conservative black alternative to Barack Obama?

Herman Cain, do us a favor and get out of our face and quickly! Thank you!

Congressman Barney Frank To Retire: A Major Figure In The History Of The House Of Representatives

It is a well known fact that most Congressmen, members of the lower chamber of Congress, never become significant, well known, accomplished, and memorable in the long run of our history.

Massachusetts Congressman Barney Frank is one of those exceptions, and he announced today that he was retiring after 32 years, 16 terms, in the House, from the Boston area.

Always outspoken and controversial, and willing to “get in one’s face”, Frank has his detractors who literally hate him, and his admirers, who love him, and consider him a giant figure in the House who has been trashed by conservative and Republican propagandists.

This author sides with the latter view, as Frank, despite being blamed wrongly by the RIght for the Great Recession, particularly in housing, actually set out to promote regulation of the financial industry, but was stopped by the Bush Administration from meaningful control over banks and corporations.

A lot of lying is going on, making Frank the villain, and a lot of it is centered, no matter what the critics say, on the fact that Barney Frank was the first openly gay member of the House, proud of his homosexuality, and not willing to be bullied by his critics, and instead willing to fight with words and actions!

Frank has been an inspiration to many people, and he will not be forgotten in history, but instead will be one of the most historic figures in the history of the House Of Representatives, almost as if he had been Speaker of the House!

Major Turning Point For Republican Presidential Race: Endorsement Of Newt Gingrich By Powerful New Hampshire Conservative Newspaper

It has been assumed all along that Mitt Romney, the former Massachusetts Governor, was the front runner, and that he would win the GOP Presidential nomination.

Now it can be said that is much less likely as conservative discontent with Romney and his chameleon status, his constant flip flopping on just about every issue, has led the Manchester Union Leader, the leading newspaper in New Hampshire, to endorse former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, who has surged to the lead in many public opinion polls after a disastrous start to his campaign five months ago.

Gingrich has many faults and shortcomings that can be utilized against him by President Barack Obama, but he comes across as far more exciting, interesting, and controversial in his actions and utterances than does Romney.

The first question will be whether Gingrich can garner his significant newspaper endorsement with a victory over Romney in the New Hampshire primary, which is practically home territory for Romney, who governed next door, and now has a home in the Granite State.

More than ever, the primary in New Hampshire seems like the turning point it has almost always been, in the sense that since the primary began in that state in 1952, every Presidential winner has won the primary in New Hampshire except Bill Clinton in 1992, George W. Bush in 2000, and Barack Obama in 2008.

It is clear the the Obama team needs to do a lot more preparation for a possible Gingrich candidacy, although at present, they have been assuming a Romney candidacy.

Most observers would think at this time that a Romney candidacy would be more challenging to Obama than a Gingrich candidacy in 2012. But it has been a reality that no one can truly be sure how a Presidential matchup would work out until the actual campaign gets under way in the fall of 2012.

The Ugly, Obscene Cultural Phenomenon Of “Black Friday”

That fairly recent cultural phenomenon known as “Black Friday” has come and gone again.

Developed in the past decade to the point of obscenity, it is the worst part of the capitalistic system, as wealthy corporations entice and encourage mostly people who don’t have much money or who, in any case, should not be going into hock for merchandise they do not need or often don’t even truly want, to act like animals with the most rude behavior and social dysfunction possible!

In recent years, an employee was trampled to death at a Walmart ;yesterday, a woman at a Walmart used pepper spray on fellow shoppers to gain a so called “competitive advantage”; a Target employee, being overly tired from having Thanksgiving dinner and then going to work without sleep before midnight on Thanksgiving Day nearly drowned in a canal in Palm Beach Country, Florida; and some people were robbed and shot at a shopping mall!

All this for a so called “bargain”, while the wealthy stayed at home, either not needing the “deals”, or preferring to do it online rather than in a mob gathering for hours before the opening bell late on Thanksgiving or early on the day after!

It demonstrated again that the wealthy don’t have to go through what average people seem to think they need to go through. and also how corporations, particularly in a time of high unemployment, can exploit their low paid workers to have no right to even Thanksgiving and the early hours of the next day to be free from work. Sure, they get paid overtime, but is that worth the reality of them facing mobs and being overworked and overstressed for the few extra dollars they manage to be paid for their sacrifices?

Walmart, Target, Toys R Us, Best Buy, Kohls, Macy’s and J C Penney’s, and all the other retailers who have made this “Black Friday” idea the obscenity it is, should be condemned for their greediness and lack of concern for both labor and the public safety. But, after all, what matters is the ALMIGHTY DOLLAR, the PROFIT over humanity!

Sad and tragic, VERY SAD AND TRAGIC!