Day: July 5, 2011

Texas Governor Rick Perry And The Christian Right: Reason To Oppose Him For the Presidency!

Texas Governor Rick Perry has been flirting with running for the Presidency, and while the author has previously stated his belief that he will NOT run, there is certainly a very good reason to oppose him IF he indeed decides to run!

That reason, among others, is that the Christian Right is rallying to his support, and that is bad news for those who believe in separation of church and state, and an open minded attitude on the issue of abortion rights, gay rights, immigrant rights, and keeping religion out of government!

Among those supporting Perry if he runs are: Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council; David Barton, the Texas self trained historian who has distorted American history, including inaccuracies on Thomas Jefferson’s views on religion, and opposition to deficit spending, a graduated income tax, minimum wage, and global warming; and San Antonio pastor John Hagee, whose hateful views caused John McCain to reject his endorsement in 2008.

The goal of an election for President is NOT to elect a Christian government, but rather a government that promotes the long held tradition of the separation of church and state!

Perry, who succeeded George W. Bush as President, has much the same swagger as Bush, but he is making Bush look more moderate by comparison, and although he would never have been Governor of Texas if Bush had not gone to the White House, he is actively separating himself from Bush and his family, who have never been thrilled by Perry as Governor of the Lone Star state.

Hard to believe, but in so many ways, Perry would actually be WORSE than George W. Bush, which shows just how far downhill the Republican Party has descended, if it is even slightly considering Perry for the Presidency!

Since this entry is about religion and Perry, let us finish this entry saying about his potential candidacy: God forbid!

The Illogical Effects Of Anti Immigration Laws In The States

Arizona started the ball rolling on anti immigrant legislation last year, attempting to crack down on illegal immigration, and has been joined by Georgia, North Carolina, and Alabama recently, as well as laws or restrictions being proposed in numerous other states. The federal government is involved in legal action against these discriminatory laws.

The illogical effects of these anti immigration laws include:

1. Economic damage by loss of tourism and a major exodus of people from the state boundaries.
2. The cost of implementation of the new laws, at a time of limited resources.
3. The legal costs of defending the laws against expensive lawsuits.
4. The loss of the labor of these workers who fill jobs no one else is willing to take.
5. The loss of the contributions of young illegal immigrants to our military service and educational accomplishments, instead deporting them to nations they have no memory of, which means we blame them for the sins of their parents, a truly grievous miscarriage of justice.

It would be preferable to work to integrate the illegal immigrants into the economy of the states, increasing tax revenues and the economic stability of the states. And realize that the vast majority of these people have come to improve their lives or escape religious or political persecution, not to break our laws, so allow them a path to citizenship over a period of time and meeting of requirements, but not putting them ahead of those who came legally!

The Wrong Message Being Sent About Education In America!

One would think that most Americans would believe that education is the ticket to success in America, that it is the major means of social and economic mobility.

But at a time when we face an education system that has been inadequate to deal with the future of our children, what is occurring is that we are seeing states slashing budgets on what is basically the future of the nation!

Texas will begin the new school year without textbooks for its students, while we are also, all over the nation, seeing schools shut down, summer schools being eliminated or cut back, shorter school years being put into effect, number of school days being cut from five to four in many areas, and teachers and staff being treated by government as the “enemy”, and being faced with having to pay for benefits guaranteed by labor contracts, and often being forced to take pay cuts or furloughs from work!

We are going to see a decline in numbers of young people wishing to go into education as a field, and many veteran teachers will be leaving over the next few years, disgusted with the mistreatment they suffer, and the lack of respect for education demonstrated by state legislatures, city councils, and school boards, with many members of school boards particularly having no clue as to what education is all about!

The greatest loss will be the likelihood of a growing dropout rate by students, and the gaps they will suffer in their education, making them ill equipped to deal with the future, to be good parents, and to be the leaders dealing with the problems that this nation will face with a rapidly aging population.

If we fail to educate our young properly, and encourage the best and the brightest to enter the field of education, the long range prognosis of the country is in great jeopardy!