Dr. Jill Biden Expresses Regret And Wistful Feelings Over Her Husband Not Running For President, And Many Share Such Feelings!

The Second Lady of the United States, Dr. Jill Biden, today expressed regrets and wistful feelings over her husband, Vice President Joe Biden, not running for President.

This is a thought and feeling shared by millions of Americans, including this blogger and author, who shares that sentiment!

Joe Biden is certainly not perfect, and no candidate is, but somehow, the feeling is that the Presidential race would have been dignified by his presence, and it might have changed the whole nature of the Presidential campaign.

Dr. Jill Biden, a community college professor, said that her husband would have been good at promoting compromise and progress, as that is his forte in politics, which is so true. The Vice President has helped President Barack Obama so much, as he gets along well with Republican leaders.

So this blogger will again say that the best possible Vice Presidential choice that Hillary Clinton could make, once she is the Democratic Presidential nominee, is to ask Joe Biden to run for a third term as Vice President, perfectly legal under the Constitution, although a President is limited to two elected terms by the 22nd Amendment.

Who would be better at helping a President Hillary Clinton to get things done than Joe Biden? And Hillary Clinton would have the blessing of both Biden and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, who would become “First Gentleman”, to assist her in making crucial domestic and foreign policy decisions!

This blogger backed the idea of a third term as Vice President for Joe Biden back in February of 2015, and John Hockenberry of “The Takeaway” on National Public Radio interviewed me on January 21 of this year regarding my promotion of Biden, and the eight minute interview is on the right side of the blog under “Interviews”!

There could be no better team than Hillary and Joe to be the top two people running our government starting January 20, 2017, and it would allow the nation to utilize the talents of a man who has served the nation for 44 years on the national level, and could now add four more to his amazing record of service!

Affordable Care Act A Plus, “ObamaCare” A Minus: What It Tells Us About America!

Now that the Affordable Care Act, also known as “ObamaCare,” has gained 7.1 million participants, the conservative movement and the Republican Party continues to denounce the law, despite the fact that it gives millions of Americans the rights and benefits of health care, which will save hundreds of thousands of lives!

But it is very revealing that when ordinary citizens are asked how they feel about the Affordable Care Act, a vast number say they like the idea of it and its benefits.

But then if asked if they like “ObamaCare,” the same people get very defensive, saying they do not like to be told that they must have health care, or face a penalty, seemingly not realizing that there is no difference between the Affordable Care Act and “ObamaCare,” except that the President’s name is on the legislation, when discussed by the news media.

So what are the sad conclusions from this reality?

It is clear that there are millions of Americans, who have been fed a diet of lies and deception about “ObamaCare!”

It is also clear that disliking “ObamaCare,” is heavily based on pure, unadulterated racism, plain and simple! The hatred felt toward Barack Obama personally is beyond all reason, and is clearly based on the fact that he is African American!

It is also clear that millions of Americans are purely ignorant of what goes on in government, and are easily manipulated!

It is also clear that many Americans seem to think that they should have no responsibilities to obey a government that they do not trust, which is extremely disturbing! This is promoted by conservatives and the Republican Party, the sense of no faith in the ability of government to do anything, and be believed to be legitimate!

The whole concept that one has the responsibility to have health insurance and pay for it, is no different than the concept that all of us must pay our fair share of taxes; that we must obey the law; that we must be ready to defend our country if called upon through a future potential military draft; and that we have a social responsibility to help each other in any way that decent people should have, in a democracy that is designed to reflect the needs and desires of the population!

“Smart People”: Economists And Scientists, Overwhelmingly, Support Obama! Should We Ignore Them At Our Detriment?

An overwhelming number of economists and scientists have made public declarations, as groups and individuals, endorsing Barack Obama for a second term, as the better path to the future in both areas of their concern.

Should we ignore their advice, because after all, as former Senator Rick Santorum said, “smart, educated” people will never support the Republicans, a statement that says a lot about both Santorum and his right wing party, way out of the mainstream?

Should we be resentful because many of these economists and scientists have gone to the “best” universities, and have the highest degrees in their fields, and most Americans do not have these advantages?

Or should we be resentful, instead, that many Americans instead look up to those who cheat in sports, cheat in business, cheat in human relations, and are only concerned about the almighty dollar over human needs and the facts about economics and science, and allow religion and worship of business to overtake their sense of morality and ethics?

The author is not a graduate of a “prestigious” university, and is not an honored figure, as these economists and scientists are, but he is also not resentful of their brilliance and intelligence, and respects their judgment much more than someone promoting religious hypocrisy and dog-eat-dog business tactics as the goal to teach our children, and feels that these elements should not be promoted for the future of American democracy!

The Shame And Embarrassment Of Missouri: What Has Happened To The “Show Me” State?

Missouri is smack in the middle of the United States, and is the ultimate swing state, having successfully gone with the winner of the Presidency in every election since 1900, except for 1956 (picking Adlai Stevenson over Dwight D. Eisenhower) and 2008 (picking John McCain over Barack Obama).

However, both times the final result was not known for days, and the victory was only by about 4,000 votes statewide.

Missouri is also the state historically of the following statesmen:

President Harry Truman (1945-1953), who had served in the Senate from 1935-1945 (Democrat)
Senator Thomas Hart Benton (1821-1851) (Democrat)
Senator Carl Schurz (1869-1875) (Republican)
Senator Stuart Symington (1953-1977) (Democrat)
Senator John Danforth (1977-1995) (Republican)
Senator Thomas Eagleton (1969-1987) (Democrat)

But now, Missouri is represented by Senator Roy Blunt, who used to be one of the top Republicans in the House of Representatives, and has become connected to the Blunt Amendment proposal, allowing any employer to prevent medical services based on religious grounds to any employee, a measure defeated by the Democratic majority in the US Senate. This is seen as anti women, interfering with their right to have birth control as part of medical plans.

And now, Congressman Todd Akin, controversial for his comment about “legitimate” rape, but refusing to withdraw as the GOP nominee for the Senate seat of Senator Claire McCaskill, is putting Missouri into the strange position of possibly having both Senators on record as against the rights of women to control their own reproductive lives, and trying to prevent abortion if a victim of rape or incest, or her life itself is threatened, an extremely right wing position.

The Republican Party and Mitt Romney had backed away from support of Akin, but now that he is remaining in the race for the Senate, the question is whether the Republican Party will change its mind and end up supporting Akin’s candidacy financially.

This McCaskill-Akin race could well be the decisive one that determines whether the Democrats keep control of the US Senate, or if the Republicans gain control.

It would seem that McCaskill should win, not only because of the controversy raised by Akin, but because she has done a good job in her one term in the Senate.

But Missouri is an odd state, with strong evangelical roots, and it would be a major shame and embarrassment for the state were they to end up having two right wing Senators at the same time.

The state would lose all respect of political observers who see moderation as the way to get things done in the Senate, and it would be a major step backwards for women’s rights!

So everyone should contribute to this pivotal race, as the key one which could determine the political future in so many ways!

And it is up to Missouri voters to show they are indeed the “Show Me” state, and will not tolerate having an extreme right winger in the Senate, joining Senator Roy Blunt!

Paul Ryan: Big Spender When Corporations Or Republican Party Wants It, But Not Under Democrats Or Barack Obama!

Conservatives and delusional people believe Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney’s Vice Presidential running mate, is the solution to BIG government and high spending levels.

The truth is that is ONLY true when Barack Obama is President, or the Democrats had control of Congress, beginning in 2007!.

Paul Ryan backed the Wall Street bailout when the economic collapse was occurring in the Fall of 2008.

Paul Ryan voted for all spending on the Iraq War, having no doubts.

Paul Ryan voted for all spending on the Afghanistan War, having no doubts.

Paul Ryan voted for the Bush Prescription Drug Plan in 2003, without making an issue of adding to the national debt, by refusal to pay for the plan with taxes.

Paul Ryan has become a deficit “hawk” only when Barack Obama became President, and when Ryan became head of the House Budget Committee in 2011.

Paul Ryan has a career of being a big spender, except when it was politically convenient to make an issue of every funding bill under President Obama.

Paul Ryan is, therefore, not what his supporters think he is, and already, there is “buyer’s remorse”, a fear among Congressional Republicans that they will have trouble being reelected with the burden of the Ryan Plan on their backs.

Some see a major disaster in the making, a nearly total wipe out of GOP gains in Congress in 2010, after only two years in the majority!

Ryan may turn out to be worse for the party’s fortunes than Dan Quayle or Sarah Palin! Who would have thought that?

John McCain, Robert Gates, And Gays In The Military!

Senator John McCain of Arizona, already criticized by his own wife and daughter, and coming across as an angry “old man” since his loss of the Presidency to Barack Obama, has lashed out at Secretary of Defense Robert Gates at a hearing of the Senate Armed Services Committee on the report commissioned by the Defense Department on the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy in the military! 🙁

Showing disdain for Gates, an appointee as Defense Secretary by both Presidents Bush and Obama, McCain was rude and arrogant in his criticism of the survey of the military, although Gates gave back as good as he got! 🙁

Not only that, but three members of the committee, who had not indicated their view on the repeal of the policy–Democrat Jim Webb of Virginia, and Republicans Scott Brown of Massachusetts and Susan Collins of Maine–gave hints that they disagreed with McCain’s bitter attacks and criticism of Gates, and might support repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”, which would be crucial to possible action this month to end the policy!

At least two Republicans will be needed to overcome a filibuster and get the repeal accomplished, and finally end discrimination in the military and allow talented people, who have important skills, to contribute to the military defense of the United States!

Senator McCain is creating a record for himself in his later years in the Senate that will serve as an embarrassment for his historical reputation! 🙁

The Florida Senate Race:Voting For Kendrick Meek A Lost Cause!

Congressman Kendrick Meek of Miami has been a good public servant to his congressional district, but his Senate campaign is a hopeless exercise in futility!

There have been reports that former President Bill Clinton, a good friend of Meek, and a vigorous campaigner for Meek in the past month, has been urging him to withdraw from the Senate contest in Florida, due to his low poll ratings, and the real danger that Marco Rubio, who represents the extreme right wing of the Republican and Tea Party Movement, seems about ready to win the Senate seat next Tuesday.

One can be a party loyalist, but one also needs to be a party realist, and even at this late date, Kendrick Meek should realize the handwriting on the wall, and withdraw from the race, and endorse Governor Charlie Crist, who is seen as very liikely to caucus with the Democrats if he was fortunate enough to win the Senate seat.

Crist has already admitted that it would be difficult to caucus with the Republican party which has trashed him so badly, and Crist has shown as Governor that he has courage and a willingness to reconsider some of his more conservative views. This should be seen as a sign of maturity and growth, not as a cynical political move!

All Democrats and progressives in Florida, whether or not Meek withdraws, should face reality and cast their ballot for Charlie Crist as the best choice for our new Senator, and pray that Marco Rubio, with his right wing agenda, is overcome by Crist, despite the pessimistic results of public opinion polls!

Arizona And “Anchor Babies”: New Challenge To The Constitution!

Arizona, already rapidly gaining the image of being the new “Mississippi of the 1960s” is now considering another step in the direction of discrimination! 🙁

Against the United States Constitution’s guarantee that anyone born in the country is a citizen at birth, the state plans to disallow citizenship to children born of “illegal” immigrants, those often called “anchor babies”!

This would be a method to enable, in a more easy fashion, to deport “illegal” immigrants, as the argument that their children are American citizens would be ended!

But it would be in violation of the Constitution that these anti immigrant nativists claim to honor and worship! It would be the height of hypocrisy, but what else is new? 🙁

Bill Clinton Compares Oklahoma City Bombing Atmosphere To Today

Former President Bill Clinton has warned that the country is in a dangerous political environment similar to 1995, when we saw anti government militias spewing forth anti government rhetoric, which influenced Timothy McVeigh to make the decision to bomb the Oklahoma City Federal Building on April 19, 1995, killing 168 and injuring a thousand people.

This was the greatest domestic terrorist attack in US history, and many are concerned that as the 15 year anniversary of that event comes on Monday, that a similar event might happen.

Clinton pointed out that he was not criticizing those who wish to be critical of government, but the hot political rhetoric fuels the fires of extremists who go too far. He referred to Michele Bachmann at a Tax Day Tea Party rally calling the government a bunch of “gangsters”, which he said is not acceptable language, as the people running the government were elected by a majority of the American people.

Clinton pointed out that with the growth of the internet, the danger of extremist and violent groups to organize and conspire has grown, so he expressed his hope that we could keep our political opposition within legal bounds.

Monday, April 19, will be a day that all law abiding Americans will watch to see that we can keep our disagreements and anger within legal means!

Need For Balance On Talk Radio: The Fairness Doctrine

A new study reveals that 91 percent of talk radio shows are conservative, compared to 9 percent which are liberal or progressive.

That means that radio listeners across the country are being fed a diet of overwhelming right wing propaganda, with much of it being not just conservative thought, but actual hate speech!

This hate propaganda has reached a fever pitch, and is inciting outrageous reactions, including the anti black, anti gay, anti Jewish invective and slurs that have occurred in the controversy over health care reform. Also, death threats via email and telephone toward members of Congress have multiplied, and security has had to be increased around Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and President Barack Obama, on a level never seen before under any administration.

The political atmosphere has been poisoned so that the opposition is seen as enemies, rather than rivals, and militia groups and Tea Party activists have been encouraged by the “Armageddon” type rhetoric which has no limits.

Freedom of speech is paramount, but there has been absolutely no responsibility accepted by Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, Michael Savage and other talk show hosts, that what they say could provoke violence, confrontation, and results that would permanently damage the body politic.

There is a dire need for the Fairness Doctrine to be applied to balance out the availability of ideological views. This one sided promotion on talk radio is far worse than the usual charge that print media is overwhelmingly liberal, which is in reality not true, but often stated. (For example, the Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune, Washington Times).

It is not an issue of conservative versus liberal or progressive; it is an issue that under the veil of talk radio, that hate and lies are being disseminated as freedom of speech. The right wing talk show hosts will bear total blame and responsibility if the peddling of their propaganda leads to a disastrous result! 🙁